The Experience

We're in this together

filmy and scratchy photo of couple at their engagement session in a grassy field in Utah

things to know

01. Fostering Connection

On the most vulnerable day of your life it should feel like every single soul in attendance is there to celebrate and uplift your love — your photographer is no exception. So… I guess the only thing left to do is become friends! We’ll thrive off of mutual awkwardness, have so much fun you’ll forget about the camera, and exchange little pieces of ourselves. That way you’ll have one extra friend in the room when you need a little help, a little smile, and just a little more love on your wedding day.

02. Intentional & Sentimental

This day is for you. I can’t stand the idea of a couple looking back at their day with regretful wishes of ‘could haves’ and ‘should haves’. So I beg you to forgo the traditions that don’t serve you, forget the things that put your stomach in knots, and only invite the people that you couldn’t live without. There is no better time to create new traditions, prioritize special details, be a little selfish, and celebrate with the love of your life. You’ll have no regrets and incredible photographs to prove it.

03. You are my style

I’ve yet to meet two couples that love the same, which is exactly why I rarely take the same photo twice. Vintagey, filmy, gritty, glowy, and unmistakably you. Together we’ll capture snapshots of you and your soulmate that reflect all the good stuff — your essence, your hearts, your uniqueness. You’ll have timeless art that feels as though it could’ve been captured 50 years ago or 50 years in the future.

04. Prioritizing Intimacy

To many folx, 50 or less guests at a wedding sounds downright teeny. For others, it sounds like a dream come true. To only be surrounded by the people you cherish most, the people who witnessed you two grow into this love story. Maybe your guest list is as little as three—you, the love of your life, and me. Keeping it small creates space to slow down, thoughtfully connect, and be fiercely present. And your photographs will freeze those moments, people, and feelings in time—so you can revisit them for decades.

05. Destination anywhere +

Backyards, mountaintops, courthouses, or your living room — I’ll follow your love anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether 50 of your nearest and dearest or a field of wild honeysuckle are in attendance. Whether we’re in your grandparents backyard or at an Italian villa. Your love story will be lived and documented to the fullest. So tell me… do I need a full gas tank, a passport, or a ferry ticket?

06. Witnessing your love

Calling myself a vendor seems like a disservice to both you and myself. So call me your confidant, your shoulder to lean on, your ride or die, your photographer, and mostly—your friend. Whatever you call me, I am so grateful you feel safe to be the truest version of yourself and have invited me into your life. I love that we now get to create photos that are as captivating as your bond with one another.

"Her work is so emotive and she connects with people in a way where she can narrow in on the details that bring it all to life. 

There were times throughout the wedding when I was overcome with emotion that Gayle and I would make eye contact across the room. I felt so seen and knew she was in it with me.”

elegant couple in a film black and white photo on their wedding day
Yosemite elopement on mountain top with star wedding dress
detail photo of Yosemite elopement on mountaintop with alternative wedding dress


       THE VIBE

… Can I tell you a secret?

My direction and prompts can only 

go so far—it is your unique love for 

each other and how you naturally 

interact that usually takes over a 

session. It is what makes the photos 

truly you and oh-so-beautiful.


Step 01. 

Peruse the packages.

Step 02. 

Consultation chitchat.

Step 03. 

Contracts & deposits.

Step 04.

We’re in this together.


detail photo of couple cuddling with each other on wedding day at dinner in Utah



Unlimited. You get all of the edited photos, which is usually 60+ images for an engagement session and 50-70 images per hour for a wedding. Although quantity is important, my focus will forever be quality! I want you to receive ALL of the loving photos that tell your story.


You'll receive a sneak peek of a few photos within 2 weekdays of your wedding (I know you're anxious to 'gram!) and the full gallery will be delivered within 6-8 weeks. For engagements, photos are delivered within 4-5 weeks.


No, sorry friend. I don't send any unedited/raw files! Most of the magic happens during the editing process, so without that step your photos are only halfway done!


While I'm confident in my ability to shoot all of my weddings solo, I recommend second photographers for full weddings or when couples are getting ready separately and the timeline doesn't allow me to be with them both. A second shooter will provide another perspective to your day and an alternate angle of every situation! I will make sure to find and hire this second photographer for you so you dont need to worry about it.


My style of photography works best when we've gotten to know each other. An engagement sesh is the perfect time for us to hang out & spend time together before your day! It's also a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera.

I know there’s more swirling around in that beautiful brain of yours!

“We had such a blast with Gayle on our wedding day. She’s so kind and has a great eye for spotting photos in places we’d never think to look. As the finished photos keep coming in we are finding it impossible to pick favorites.”

Honoring and holding space for every human being in love.