Destination Elopements for the intentional and Adventurous

“Gayle has such a good heart. And really sees you, what you need, and will make anything happen for you. She's going to take your wedding day to the next level and capture things you couldn’t have imagined.”




film and vintage photo of couple running thru field of flowers on wedding day

Your wedding is about to be an experience that exceeds your wildest dreams. Joyful, messy, warm. And it’ll be better than perfect — because it's real.

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You two fit together so effortlessly and everybody sees it. Let’s spend the day relishing in all that love.

All you’ll need to do is surrender to the gut busting laughter and the overwhelmed-with-happiness tears. The stolen moments of sweet seclusion and the cheers from your chosen family. The sun showers and the soft breezes. The everything.

I want you to be fiercely present so you’ll have a record of this day in your hearts and in photographs that feel as real as your love.

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Let’s get lost and capture the small moments that bring to life what your relationship is really like. And the specialness of it. Very “you’re living your best life and I just so happen to be there” vibes

Close to home or around the world. Only the two of you or with a handful of your favorite humans. In a designer gown or a thrifted vintage dress. Amongst the city lights or outside under the stars

Do whatever the heck you want! This is your day. And I wouldn’t miss it for the world

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Utah $2,500 | Anywhere in US $3,300 | International $4900
Being certified in Leave No Trace means the only evidence of your elopement will be the vows in your hearts and the images we capture. 

Engagement Collections

All the champagne bubbly excitement, mooney-eyed daydreaming, sleepless nights, and ‘this is my fiancé’ introductions. This is the shortest and sweetest part of your love story — embrace it now.

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Falling in love is like becoming who you are meant to be. When someone says yes to all of you, it leads to growth and expansion you could’ve never imagined. 

That’s what we’re here to celebrate and document.

Where at, with who, and how is entirely up to you ——

Lucia & Kevin

“Gayle was such a JOY to work with! She did our engagement and wedding photos and we were so happy with the amazing work she did! It was our first time in front of a camera as a couple, and Gayle was so great with us! She had us do small things during our photo shoot to capture true and authentic moments between us. We can't thank her enough and we are still so glad we went with her from the beginning; she had so many great tips along the way with amazing resources. "”

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Honoring and holding space for every human being in love.