Your Ultimate Guide To An Amangiri Wedding

Since moving to Utah and officially establishing myself as a Utah wedding photographer (still can’t believe it tbh), I have gotten to explore many of my bucket list locations. These locations vary from mountain ranges, fields, meadows, gardens, and Utah wedding venues. You know, the kind that makes your heart skip a beat just by looking at it. While Utah is a destination location for many beautiful weddings, small and large, there is one Utah wedding venue in particular that continues to blow everyone’s expectations out of the water. This is Amangiri Resort. This gorgeous Utah wedding venue is the epitome of the perfect pairing of a luxury and laid-back wedding escape. I’m a Utah wedding photographer and here is your ultimate guide to an Amangiri wedding.

Photo Provided by Amangiri Resorts

What Is Amangiri? Who Is An Amangiri Wedding Best For?

Amangiri is a luxury five-star resort and hotel sitting in the beautiful Canyon Point, Utah. This luxury Utah wedding venue brings those who stay to untouched red-rock country. Located on over 900 acres of land, you experience the original Wild West when visiting Amangiri Resort. Known as a desert escape and oasis, Amangiri is surrounded by a huge desert landscape. With canyons, ridges, and gorges that give you some of the most awe-striking views ever. This Utah wedding venue was designed to blend in with the desert scenery and be your ultimate escape for relaxation. 

With Amangiri’s spacious yet intimate setting, this Utah wedding venue is perfect for intimate weddings or elopements. If you are someone who values privacy and is looking for a more secluded getaway for your intimate wedding/elopement, then having an Amangiri wedding may be just for you. With luxury amenities and a private and luxurious experience, having an Amangiri wedding would be the absolute dream. Many celebrities such as Hailey & Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and The Kardashians are of who enjoy Amangiri’s exclusive and private oasis. If you’re planning on having a more private and intimate wedding, then I would highly recommend checking out the Amangiri Resort.

Photo Provided by Amangiri Resorts

Amenities For An Amangiri Wedding

One of the many reasons why Amangiri is such a luxurious and exclusive Utah wedding venue is the amenities that they offer their couples for their Amangiri wedding. Amangiri, much like any luxury wedding venue, offers some of the most high-end and beautiful wedding amenities for your Amangiri wedding. This along with its beautiful and unique location are some of the many reasons couples choose to have their intimate wedding or elopement at this Utah wedding venue.

Some of the amenities that they offer couples are:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Event Spaces
  • Pet & Kid-Friendly
  • ADA Accessibility 
  • Valet Parking
  • Tables & Chairs Are Provided

Photo Provided by Amangiri Resorts

Event Sites For An Amangiri Wedding

Another reason why having an Amangiri wedding is such a beautiful experience is the wide variety of event sites located on the property. It is *almost* guaranteed that any couple wanting an Amangiri wedding will find an event site that fits their needs.

Dining Room & Patio - Inside the main pavilion at the Amangiri Resort you will find their dining room and patio. Here is Amangiri’s main restaurant with jaw-dropping cuisine all fresh and Utah-sourced. You can have intimate receptions and dinners here and is perfect for a welcome cocktail reception.

Fireside Pavilion - The Fireside Pavilion is an open-air venue and is perfect for cocktail parties or an intimate reception. Here you will have a large fire pit along with being just steps away from their main swimming pool. Twinkling lights dangle above you and you get the most stunning night-sky views.

The Chinle Site - The Chinle Site is not on the main property at the Amangiri resort, but just a short drive, hike, or horse ride away. You have untouched wilderness surrounding you in between towering canyons. You can enjoy an intimate reception/dinner here and have it be a quiet and secluded getaway for you and your guests.

Saddle Landing - If you’re someone looking for insane views, then Saddle Landing is the place to be. Just a short drive from the main resort, but still on the property is the perfect location for an intimate ceremony or large cocktail party. With views of the Navajo Mountain, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and Lake Powell.

Camp Sarika at Amangiri

Camp Sarika is another secluded oasis just a short walk or ride from the main Amangiri Resort. It is here that you are among the wilderness while still maintaining Amangiri’s luxury and secluded feel. At Camp Sarika, you will also find several different event sites to host your Utah intimate wedding or Utah elopement.

Dining Room & Patio - Similar to the main Amangiri Resort, Camp Sarika offers a dining experience unlike anything else. Here you will get one-of-a-kind local meals and is perfect for an intimate dinner reception of about 20 guests.

Pool Terrace - The Pool Terrace has stunning rock formation views and is perfect for a poolside dinner with up to 40 of your closest friends and family.

Raven’s Nest - The Raven’s Nest is a private venue nestled within the Entrada sandstone. You are able to overlook Amangiri and Camp Sarika’s vast surroundings, but it’s still very hidden and private. This intimate space is perfect for 20 seated guests or 30 standing guests for either a small dinner or reception. 

Amphitheater - The Ampitheater is one of Camp Sarika’s most unique event sites. This site is inside a natural rock alcove with a 600-foot-high mesa. If you’re looking for unique and different, then the Amphitheater si the place to be with a max guest capacity of up to 30 guests.

Photo Provided by Amangiri Resorts

Amangiri Wedding Guest Capacity 

Having an idea of how many guests will be attending your intimate wedding or elopement at Amangiri is going to be important! Each event site at the Amangiri Resort has different guest capacities depending on the size of your wedding/elopement.

Dining Room & Patio: The Dining Room and Patio have a max guest capacity of 76 guests sitting or 110 standing.

Fireside Pavilion: The Fireside Pavilion has a max guest capacity of 40 guests.

The Chinle Site: The Chinle Site has a max guest capacity of 35 guests seated or 50 guests standing.

Saddle Landing: Saddle Landing currently has a no max guest capacity listed.

Photo Provided by Amangiri Resorts

Wedding Cost For An Amangiri Wedding

Now, one of the most important things running through your mind right now must be how much an Amangiri wedding costs. Understandable, especially when using the terms like “luxury” and “exclusive”. If you’re wanting an Amangiri wedding, you will have to contact them directly in order to get an exact quote. Amangiri provides personalized quotes for their couples depending on the details of their wedding day. You can inquire with Amangiri Resorts here. 

While Amangiri does not provide pricing online for their weddings/intimate celebrations, a night at this resort starts at $3,600 a night. Hopefully, this will help you gauge the kind of prices that Amangiri has to offer.

Photo Provided by Amangiri Resorts

Amangiri Wedding Photo Locations

What kind of Utah wedding photographer would I be if I didn’t tell you some of the best photo locations at this Utah wedding venue? 

By The Pool - A main feature of the Amangiri Resort is its stunning pool. This pool was built around natural rocks and gives you the opportunity to have some of the most stunning photos. Just remember to be respectful of others who are staying at the resort and to follow the guidelines given at Amangiri. 

Algae Wall - The algae wall is a hidden gem at the Amangiri Resort. With water running down along the algae, it boasts beautiful earthy tones that are just beautiful. This is a popular location for portraits and there is no surprise as to why.

Resort Spa - Another great location for photos is Amangiri’s Resort Spa. It is here that you are surrounded by concrete walls and the stunning modern architecture of the resort. You can get very artistic and creative with the different kinds of photo opportunities in this gorgeous location.

Photo Provided by Amangiri Resorts

Important Information For Your Amangiri Wedding

Before you start running off to book your Amangiri wedding, below is some important information that you’re going to need to know.

  • Amangiri has a 12am curfew
  • No amplified music is allowed
  • There are designated smoking areas
  • Alcohol is provided by the venue *for a fee*

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Things To Do Near Amangiri

While Amangiri prides itself on being an exclusive and private resort, there are still plenty of opportunities for fun in the surrounding area. Utah has so many beautiful locations and destination spots that if you’re planning on having an Amangiri wedding, it’s almost necessary for you to do one or some of the following activities.

- Take a 15-minute trip to the beautiful Lake Powell (Check out an engagement sesh I did there)

- Go hiking at Bryce Canyon or Zion National Park

- Enjoy a ride and explore with a UTV Tour

- Go Horseback Riding

- Fly up high in a Hot Air Baloon

- Adventure with some Local Helicopter Tours

Photo Provided by Amangiri Resorts

Your Ultimate Guide To An Amangiri Wedding

In conclusion if you couldn't tell, the Amangiri Resort is the place to be. It's a desert oasis that creates a beautiful experience for just about any couple who walks through its doors. Amangiri Resorts is the perfect Utah wedding venue for an intimate wedding and if you're in search for an intimate wedding photographer to document this adventure... you know who to call!