Meg & Joe

Over the years as a Utah Wedding Photographer, I have gotten to capture a few proposals. One of those actually being my own brothers, which you can read here! Proposals are one of those things that make me so excited and nervous all at once and I'm not even the one proposing! It can be such an exciting time and lowkey I absolutely love doing them. So when Joe reached out to me to capture his proposal to his lovely girlfriend, now fiancé Meg, I absolutely hopped on the opportunity.

So a little back story, Joe had actually reached out to me 3 days prior to his proposal to Meg to hire me as their photographer. It's safe to say that we were cutting it close, but no worries I am a gal who can work on the fly about 99.9% of the time. We hopped on the phone and began chatting through all of the details of the proposal You could tell just how excited and nervous Joe was, but walking through all of the details of this surprise proposal helped calm both of our nerves - lol.

For this surprise proposal, Joe had actually planned a private horseback riding tour through the snowy mountains in Midway, Utah. Rocky Mountain Outfitters offers private horse tours here in Midway, Utah and it was the perfect opportunity for Joe to pop the question. Since this was a private tour, my husband/second shooter and I weren't there for the proposal - bummer! However, the tour guide did capture a cute video of Joe proposing, so all is right with the world!

Meanwhile, while Joe and Meg were off on their private horseback tour, Joe (my husband) and I found our hiding spots awaiting their return. Joe was hidden in the stables and I across the property in a shed waiting for the perfect opportunity to surprise Meg. The most important thing for Joe during this surprise proposal was that we captured their reactions and movement authentically. They aren't big fans of the prim and posed, so being able to document them in a genuine way was super important. Of course, we waited until we finally popped out and made our surprise entrance to capture Meg and Joe. As you can imagine, both of them were extremely giddy since they were now FIANCÉS! When asked, Meg admitted she saw it coming but regardless, a "surprise" is a surprise and the thought and dedication that went into planning the proposal is what counts!

When speaking with Joe he expressed that he wanted to have a more "cinematic" look to the images. Keeping things very casual and real, we wandered throughout the farm and took some photos with the horses, in the snow, and overall just having a fun time.

How to plan the perfect surprise proposal

There are plenty of tips I can give when it comes to planning the perfect proposal, however, here are just a few ground rules that you should follow:

  • Come up with a game plan even if it is just a "rough draft". This will save you a ton of stress!
  • Hire a wedding photographer - these memories are worth splurging on and reliving
  • Make sure you are considering what your partner is looking for in a proposal
  • Choose a location that is meaningful to both of you! Again, consider what type of proposal your partner would want

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