Cassidy & Eddie

Cassidy and Eddie are some of the most genuine and down-to-earth people I have ever met. Cassidy and Eddie currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are actually getting married this year, 2023! Since Grand Rapids, Michigan is their home it was only fitting to have their engagement photos taken there as well! This was the perfect way to celebrate this next step in their journey together. During the holidays I was able to squeeze in enough time in-between all of the holiday festivities to document their love story. It was a beautiful day for their Winter Adventure Engagement in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I am so excited to be sharing it!

Cassidy & Eddie's proposal story

So here is the juicy details of Cassidy and Eddie's proposal. Throughout the 5 years that they had been together, they were very open about the timeline of their life together. It wasn't until one day when they got to Saugatuck, Michigan (there favorite vacation spot) that they headed towards a park. It was in this park by a pavilion set up with flowers and champagne and Eddie popped the question. The kicker? All of their families and her best friend popped out of the porta-potties to surprise Cassidy and celebrate the whole weekend with them. Now, how cute is that!!

What is an adventure session?

Now, for Cassidy and Eddie's session, I definitely say it leans more toward an adventure session. An adventure session can be defined differently by many different photographers. However, for me as a Utah Wedding Photographer, I define adventure sessions as a longer sessions needed to take photos in more than one location. Adventure sessions give the couple plenty of time for more outfit changes and it really is that... an adventure! You can read more about what adventure sessions are and why they can be so much fun in this blog here.

Winter Adventure Engagement Photos in Grand Rapids, Michigan

So for the start of their winter adventure engagement, we started off in their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As soon as I walked in I found myself drawn to their decor. It was very sporadic (in the best way possible) but still, put together and was absolutely amazing. It definitely was one of the coolest homes I have ever been in which made it perfect for this in-home portion of their winter adventure engagement in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Basically, for their in-home session, we took photos in just about every room. We especially had to snag some shots in front of the beautiful mural painting that Cassidy and Eddie had in their dining room. This painting was actually of a mural along a wall in a park where they got engaged. Incredibly random that they found the painting but truly sentimental to their love story and I loved hearing all about it. Next, we did a few outfit changes inside their home to get a different feel before doing one last outfit change to head into Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

downtown grand rapids, Michigan

After the in-home portion of their engagement session, we headed into Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan to take a few photos of the gorgeous city. We first started off on a rooftop garage because I swear, this is where you get the best views of the city. These two were just so giggly and goofy throughout their whole session that you can just see their personalities shining through every step of the way. We then wandered around the streets a bit of Grand Rapids, Michigan capturing everything that felt right and natural.

Shortly after wandering around Downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan we went back to their home where I learned some pretty fun information about Cassidy. So fun fact, Cassidy thrifts decanters and turns them into homemade bongs! Naturally, we had both Cassidy and Eddie smoke a bit out of these homemade bongs to end their session. Not a bad way to end it, huh?

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