wedding tips - prep for getting ready on your wedding day

The morning of your wedding day can be absolutely insane. In the best way possible of course! You've just spent all of this time planning your big day and now it has finally arrived! However, before you start jumping for joy and thinking that this goes without any prep work involved... think again. One of the biggest wedding tips I can give all of my future couples is this, preparation is key. Making sure that you are locked down solid with all of your details prior to the day of will not only save you time but worry as well. These are some of the best wedding tips you can find for getting ready on your wedding day.

make sure you prep your details beforehand

A lot of couples love being able to look back at their wedding gallery to find a perfectly curated flatlay sitting right at the top of the gallery. Wedding flatlays and your details can play a major role in telling your love story and while I am still learning my hand at perfecting them, they are some of my favorites. You're really able to see what each couple values and curate a story all through personal belongings and items, which I think is so intimate and special.

When it comes to when your wedding photographer will take detail photos, this is dependent on each photographer. Most photographers however will opt to take flatlay/detail photos in the morning or right when they arrive at your wedding. It's the most efficient way to capture these details while still being on time for all of the day's festivities.

I also always recommend having all of your details together prior to the wedding day and prior to your wedding photographer arriving. Whether it be in a designated box or in an old shoe box, whatever you want! The reason to do this is that we A.) don't need to bother you to find all the details last minute while you're getting ready and B.) we are able to save a lot of time and just start styling/photographing. Making sure you have a designated point-person to watch this box and hand it to your wedding photographer is also helpful!

what to include in your detail photos?

There are a lot of items and pieces that can be included in your wedding details. The options are quite endless! The most important thing is that you're choosing details that mean something to you, your big day and your love story. Some details that many of my couples will include in their detail photos are:

  • Your invitation suite (two copies including unsealed envelopes & any details such as ribbon, wax seals and stamps)
  • All Rings / Jewelry
  • Hair pieces
  • Bouquet & Floral Arrangements (ask your florist for some loose blooms for styling)
  • Shoes
  • Ring boxes
  • Your veil
  • Gifts from parents/friends
  • Your Dress (Steamed and ready to go on a nice hanger or dress form)
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Vow Books
  • Anything with sentimental value to you
  • Cuff links
  • Belt/Suspenders
  • Dress socks

sleep will be and is your best friend

I don't know about you, but I love my sleep. Sleep can be a game-changer if you're feeling sluggish and exhausted but it is also absolutely necessary the night before your wedding. Before you think about staying up late, celebrating your "last day of freedom", think about how you will feel in the morning. The last thing you want is to wake up on the morning of your wedding day feeling lousy all because of a few drinks the night before. You not only want to feel rested but you want to look rested. So take your sleep very seriously in the days leading up to your big day. This will be life-changing for you, your mind, body, soul and even your skin!

don't forget to eat

While this may seem like a weird tip to give, you would be surprised how many couples forget to eat the day before or on the day of their wedding! Things get so crazy and hectic and time really does fly by and before you know it you're walking down the aisle thinking of a corn dog. Please, please make sure that you eat the morning of your wedding day. Who knows when the next time you'll be able to eat is and you definitely don't want to be "hangry" on your special day. Whatever you choose to eat, make sure it's filling and able to hold you over until the next time you can eat.

This is also especially important if you plan to drink on your wedding day. Alcohol is never a good idea on an empty stomach so please make sure that not only you eat, but your wedding party as well!

surround yourself with a good support system

A good support system is key to an easy flowing wedding morning. Getting ready on your wedding day is typically no walk in the park. There are a ton of people around, the emotions are running high and I mean you're getting ready for the BIG moment, ya know. It's important that when it comes game-time to choosing your wedding party, you surround yourself with positive people and people who care and love you. These are the people that have been through the ups and downs. These are the people who will stick through it no matter what. These are the people that will be looking out for that loose thread or out of place hair. THESE are the people you need in your corner everyday, but especially on your wedding day.

choosing the right getting ready space

When it comes to those beautiful perfectly lit getting ready photos, the key is not just the photographer and the angles. No friends, it's all about your getting ready space! Your getting ready space can sometimes make or break your getting ready photos and if those are important to you, choosing a getting ready space is going to be especially important. There are two things you have to keep in mind when choosing a getting ready space and having your photographer photograph these moments.


A getting ready space with fantastic lighting will be game-changing for you, everyone getting ready and of course... your photographer. Lighting is essential in just about anything us photographers do and natural light is always best for the crispiest, clearest and true to tone images. Choosing a getting ready space that has a ton of natural light and windows will allow your wedding photographer to get the best possible images, but have them looking their absolute best.


Believe it or not, keeping the room tidy on the morning of your wedding can be very difficult. As I've mentioned before, there are a ton of people in one space and oftentimes moving in and out of the room. This can lead to things being moved, clothes being thrown around, makeup laying on the floor, etc. If that's what you're fine with, by all means leave it that way! However, if you value getting ready photos I would recommend making sure that you keep the room clean and tidy prior to your wedding photographer getting there. The last thing you would want is to look back at your wedding photos just to see someones underwear and socks on the ground in the background.


A tip that I always recommend my couples follow in order to keep their getting ready space tidy and organized is to have a designated "drop-off" area. this could be a closet in the room or a certain area in the getting ready space dedicated to everyone's belongings. That way everyone knows where everything is and you're not having scattered items in the background of your photos. It's a win-win!

have plenty of buffer time for hair & makeup

You would much rather be over-prepared than underprepared. That's why making sure that you have plenty of buffer time for hair and makeup is essential to a smooth sailing wedding morning. Things can happen like traffic, accidents, and people running late. If this is the case the morning of your wedding, you want to make sure that you are building enough time to be able to have your hair & makeup done. By doing this you're combatting being late to any of your fun festivities or getting stressed which are major no-no's.

Don't worry though, determining your buffer time is not always entirely on your shoulders. If you're working with a wedding photographer or wedding planner, they will most likely develop your perfect wedding timeline. In that wedding timeline it will be a detailed breakdown of when things happen and when they end. In this timeline, make sure to communicate with either your planner or photographer that you are including buffer time into hair & makeup. Communication with your vendors is super important.

You also want to make sure that if for some reason you are running behind (even if you added in buffer times) that the person getting married get's their hair & makeup done second to last. That way if we need to rush off an do a first look, we're not holding back the timeline and we're able to make it on time!

prep your wedding attire beforehand

Prior to the big day, make sure that you are prepping your wedding attire beforehand. Ensure that all of the tags and hanger loops are cut off your dresses and suits. While this can be tedious, your wedding photos will thank you! Also, please make sure that you are steaming/ironing all of your wedding attire prior to the wedding day. Included in some getting ready photos, your wedding photographer may want to take portraits of your wedding attire and especially with you in it! Last thing you want is to notice the tons of wrinkles you wished were not there looking back at your wedding photos.

Last but certainly not least, you want to make sure you try on your wedding attire the week or night before your wedding day. The reason to do this is really to make sure that everything fits properly. This includes your suit, shirts, button ups, ties, and shoes. This also includes breaking in your wedding shoes so that you don't have to deal with those annoying blisters!

don't try any new services before the wedding

While getting married may seem like the ultimate milestone and form of self-care, that does not mean you should be splurging on all the new services the week leading up to your wedding. Yes, I understand. You want to look sexy and confident for your partner on your wedding day. However, I would highly advise not to try any new services leading up to the day of your wedding. This can include new spray tans, new facials, new body modifications, etc. You want to make sure that you are testing new services well in advance, so leading up to the wedding day you are using your tried and true services. You will thank me!

practice everything beforehand

If you are planning on reading personal vows/letters to your partner whether it be in private or during the ceremony, please practice beforehand! Yes, while you may be a fabulous public speaker there is nothing wrong with a little practice to ensure that everything flows smoothly. It not only will help you in making sure that it sounds good, but will help you feel more confident when the time comes to read it in front of your partner or wedding guests.

remind yourself it is your day!

If you're a chronic people pleaser (hey, hey guilty as charged!) then having a day dedicated to you may seem a bit odd and out of the ordinary. It may make you feel like you need to help everyone else before you help or think about yourself. I encourage you though to remind yourself that this is YOUR special day. It's a day that is supposed to be about you and everyone is there because they support you and your partner and your love. That's why having a good support system there on your wedding day is so important. So kick back, relax and enjoy the day that is entirely all about you :)


These are just some of my many tried and true wedding tips to prep for getting ready on your wedding day. These tips are here to help guide you and give you some helpful advice if you're in a pickle and are having trouble getting everything organized. I am all about doing your wedding day your way. So do not take what I write as the end all be all. If you're not wanting detail photos, don't feel pressured to do them! Your wedding day is how you want it and I am there to help document it!

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