Sachin & Amelia (and astro)

Amelia is one of my best friends and she has been planning for this new German Shepherd for quite some time now. She had Astro's bed, toys, and cute little dog decorations all ready for his arrival MONTHS before he was in their lives. So you can probably imagine just how happy Amelia and Sachin were when Astro could finally be home with them.

This session was so effortless because of the love between this couple. Their outfits matched the couch and the rest of their vibe in the home and I couldn't have been more obsessed. From the laughs to the intimate moments, this session was a dream... not to mention the adorable puppy!

If you are interested in an in home session contact me here, they are some of my favorite sessions because it really shows off a couples lifestyle in that stage of their life. Also, if you were thinking about getting a new German Shepherd puppy, click here to see the place where this couple got Astro.

Both Sachin and Amelia work in the hospitals in Metro Detroit and I just want to say thank you so much to them and to all nurses at this time. So proud to call them both my friends. Here is a great website if you are wondering how to help those working the front lines at the hospitals.

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