Allison & Zach

Allison and Zach have to be one of the sweetest couples I have ever met. When they inquired about a session with me, they really wanted to keep it fun, light & casual which of course I was down for. Upon arriving at our first location, their home, I was greeted with not one, not two, not three but four dogs. One of them was a foster pup, but nonetheless I was in awe. I seriously wanted to take all of them home with me because that’s how cute they were. Their home in Utah was next level gorgeous and I honestly wanted to shoot there all day long. The design & decor that they had in their home was just beautiful and I couldn’t get enough. 

In-Home Engagement

During in-home sessions I really like to play around with the different areas of the home. Places where you think wouldn’t work for photos actually turn out to be the best. I had Allison laying on her kitchen counter, laying on the couch and basically using every inch of space that we possibly can. Of course we had to bring in their pups for some of the photos because how could we not? Cuteness level: 1,000,000. 

Even though I could have stayed all day inside with Allison and Zach, we still had more adventures waiting for us. We put on our coats and headed to our next location. On the way though we passed by this beautiful park that we knew that we just HAD to stop at. Even though it was raining, that did not stop us. In times like this I always have umbrellas in my car for emergencies, so I grabbed some of those and had Allison and Zach walk around a bit. The Fall foliage was at its peak so we had to seize the moment! 

utah Engagement at Costco 

While the rain was nice and we were enjoying our time in the park, we were really eager to get to our final location. Now when I tell you I will do just about anything for my couples… I mean ANYTHING. When Allison first inquired and we were planning their engagement session, she seemed a bit hesitant to ask me this one question. You see, amongst their family Allison and Zach are known to be big Costco lovers. So when she asked me to take some photos of Costco, without hesitation I of course said yes! Don’t let something as simple as going to your favorite store stop you from having your photos taken, that’s the whole point. Have fun with it and roll with the punches and I mean how cool am I? Now I can say I’ve officially shot an engagement session in Costco - #braggingrights.

By the time we arrived it was still raining but they did NOT care. They grabbed some carts and I ended up just going along with what they were doing. You could see the utter joy in their faces as they were having SO much fun. This is what Allison and Zach wanted all along and I’m pretty sure these were the photos they wanted on their save-the-dates so when I tell you anything goes.. I mean anything goes. We went inside and took some photos of them walking up and down the aisles and even got some photos with their most bought item… toilet paper! Yes, you read that right but hey - I don’t make the rules! The last but most necessary thing we needed to do before heading out was to grab a slice of pizza. We all enjoyed our slices of pizza before ending the night with some good conversation with some amazing company. 

I had such an amazing time being there with Allison and Zach and definitely having one of the most unique engagement sessions I’ve ever done. It was such an amazing experience and now I can say I’ve officially done it all - hahaha. 

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