Mary & Matthew

While I consistently write about love stories, each one is unique in their own way. Mary and Matthew, two lovers who met by chance while both working in the mining industry. Now if you ask me, mining was a not so prevalent occupation, however after meeting Mary and Matthew I learned that this is far from the truth. In fact, it's a bustling occupation and led to Mary and Matthew meeting and falling in love. Mary, being a Canadian native and Matthew being a Virginia native, met in Nevada and the rest was history. Matthew and Mary are actually getting married this December and since their families live in all different parts of the country/world, they have decided to get married in my sweet city of Salt Lake City, Utah. One, because it is somewhere that Matthew and Mary both frequently visit, but it's also a central hub for a large airport, making it easy for Mary and Matthew's family to attend their wedding. Naturally, since they are getting married in Salt Lake City, Utah it was obvious to have their Utah engagement photos taken here as well!

Tibble fork reservoir | American Fork, utah

For Mary and Matthew's Utah engagement photos, we decided on Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork, Utah. This reservoir is a beautiful fresh water lake and is an incredibly popular outdoor recreation area here in Utah. It is perfect for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, ATV riding, and horseback riding. Also due to its stunning landscaping, Tibble Fork Reservoir makes for a stunning photo location, hence why Matthew and Mary chose this beautiful engagement spot.

important information when visiting tibble fork reservoir

Before making your way over to Tibble Fork Reservoir, there is some important information that you're going to need to know ahead of time!

  • A day pass is required in order for you to enter Tibble Fork Reservoir (according to the U.S. Forest Service), you can find more information on day-passes here!
  • Tibble Fork Reservoir is one of the only bodies of water in Utah where dogs are allowed to swim in the water. Since most of Utah's water is for consumption or is toxic to dogs, this is an incredibly rare find that should definitely be taken advantage of while you can!

mary & matthew's tibble fork reservoir utah engagement photos

From the moment that we stepped foot at Tibble Fork Reservoir, all three of us were in awe. Mary and Matthew had offered to pick me up from my house to venture the hour long drive to Tibble Rock and I gladly accepted. We spent that hour getting to know each other, which I felt was a true bonding moment. This bonding moment allowed me to connect with Mary and Matthew on a deeper level, which made my job not only that much more fun much more creative and artistic as well.

One thing that was important for Mary and Matthew's Utah engagement at Tibble Fork Reservoir was the mix of pine trees and mountains. In all honesty, the perfect location for both of those things were here so go us! In the horizon you could see snow-capped mountains, of course the beautiful reservoir and the stunning nature and greenery that surrounded us. It was truly a dream come true for their Utah engagement session. We did end up getting fined since we did not pay for a day-pass (our mistake). So definitely remember to purchase a day-pass BEFORE making your way to Tibble Fork Reservoir (there is a booth before entering that you can pay at as well!).

It was a beautiful Utah engagement session with Mary and Matthew and I can't wait to reunite with these two love birds for their wedding this upcoming December!

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