lindsay & Adam

Lindsay is one of my BEST friends. We met playing travel softball in high school together while I was the pitcher and she was the amazing catcher. We went our separate ways in college and both continued to lay softball (me at Oakland Community College and her at Siena Heights). We did not get to see each other often until she came and worked at Sagano in Fenton with me one summer (shoutout to the best hibachi food around!).

I think I did more laughing at work that summer than I ever thought possible. Something about Lindsay: she seems to always bring out the best in people. She is so genuinely interested in other peoples lives and make you feel like you are special and unique. 

Lindsay recently moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee for her new job. So as you can imagine we do not get to see each other all that often again anymore. Well, this past week she came up to Michigan to visit and see family, friends, and this lovely man you see here that is her boyfriend. I have never met Adam before but I feel like I know him with all of the videos and stories that I have heard of him. He was so kind and so funny and SO perfect for Lindsay.

Having the chance to capture their love in this photoshoot was something I will never forget. And I hope that they will always be able to look back at these photos and remember just how happy they were together at this park and in each others arms. 

Photos By Gayle does more than just take photos of people. Rather, it is capturing moments of LOVE and HAPPINESS. Singing to the skies, dancing in a field, smiles that hurt because they’re so big. There is nothing else I would rather be doing than photographing these unique details that make you and your significant other a couple. If Lindsay and Adam’s photoshoot puts a spark in you, you know where to click <——— right there!

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