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When I tell you that fate exists, it does and let me tell you why. It all seemed a little bit too perfect of timing, but for Christine and Jake it worked out all too well. Christine and Jake reached out to me to capture their wedding back in Michigan in 2023. Since I currently live in Utah, I venture home back to Michigan every once and a while. It just so happens however, that the weekend that Christine and Jake are getting married would be the same weekend I would be in Michigan celebrating my brother's wedding... just two days before. It was perfect timing and we thought, "wow, this works out great!". Another coincidence happened though that really made me question who was dealing my cards. Christine and Jake currently live in Colorado and it just so happened that I was going to be in Colorado documenting a vow renewal during the wild flower festival in Crested Butte. What better way to capture Christine and Jake's engagement photos than with these sunrise Colorado engagement photos at Peanut Lake the same week I would be traveling there?! I know, everything kept working out and I was anticipating the day I get to finally meet Christine and Jake in person.

the secret (re)proposal game plan

A few weeks before their engagement photos, I receive an email from Jake. It was in this email that Jake basically said he wanted to re-propose to Christine during their Colorado engagement session at Peanut Lake. Long story short, they originally got engaged back during a vacation in the Bahamas. While the Bahamas and the fancy dinner restaurant where it happened was nice, they both agreed that the "vibe" wasn't for them (not to mention, Christine totally saw it coming!). Instead, Jake wanted to re-propose to Christine in a place that meant a lot to both of them. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains with stunning greenery sounded like the perfect place for them to celebrate their love and you know what they say, second times the charm?! LOL.

Christine & Jake's sunrise colorado engagement photos at peanut lake

When it comes to engagement sessions, I am all about making the experience as seamless as possible for my couples. This means being able to location scout and find locations that my couples to pick from to make their lives 10x easier. Luckily, I had some locations in Colorado up my sleeve for them to choose from. It was from that list that Christine and Jake felt called to Peanut Lake near Crested Butte, Colorado. Peanut Lake served as the perfect backdrop with stunning water views, wildflowers and tons of greenery. Perfect for their engagement photos and Jake's little surprise for Christine.

Since it would be the Wildflower Festival in Colorado, we were anticipating a ton of people in the area. This is why we chose to have a Sunrise engagement session. Unknowingly to us though, we would wake up at 5am to be greeted with nobody there at Peanut Lake. No worries though, since this left us with some gorgeous lighting and plenty of space for us to walk around and move without worrying about other people. We moved towards Peanut Lake to get some stunning views of the water where Jake got on his knees to re-propose to Christine. While it was a re-proposal, it still was just as beautiful and felt more authentic and genuine to who Jake and Christine are. It really was perfect. From there we hiked throughout our time together embracing the greenery, the views of Peanut Lake and the plethora of wildflowers that surrounded us.

After their session, we were absolutely famished. I mean taking photos is quite the workout you know! Christine and Jake invited me to Butte Bagels to get some bagel sandwiches, chat and hang out before we all went our separate ways. Butte Bagels was one of the most delectable bagels I have ever had and will most definitely be coming back to Crested Butte, Colorado specifically for those bagels... thank you very much. Moments like these after your session are always some of my favorites because it really allows me to reconnect with my couples and have us get more on a personal level. Which of course, I love.

By the time you're reading this their wedding will have already passed so stay tuned for all of the beauty that is coming soon from their Michigan wedding!

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