Megan & Josh

It's crazy how some moments in your life truly are full circle. I met Megan actually back in high school. Surprisingly enough though, it wasn't because we attended the same high school together. We both went to very small schools, which in turn both schools ended up combining their athletic programs. Although we weren't super close in high school, we were on some sports teams together so the connection was always there. Fast forward 10 years later, Megan reached out to me to photograph her wedding - woohoo!

getting ready at the indianwood golf & country club

So Megan and Josh both got ready at the Indianwood Golf & Country Club located in Lake Orion, Michigan. The Indianwood Golf & Country Club was constructed back in 1925 and essentially was the "getaway" place from all of the hustle and bustle for the elite at the time. Since then the Indianwood Golf & Country Club has built up their reputation to be a pristine location for weddings and events. With beautiful landscaping and amazing amenities, no wonder Megan and Josh decided to have their wedding here!

It was a beautiful day when I arrived at the IGCC and Megan was just finishing getting ready with her and her bridesmaids. Typically when I arrive I always instruct my couples to have their wedding details in a box prior to my arrival. That way I can begin taking detail photos as soon as I get there. As soon as I opened up the box with Megan's details I was surprised. In this box were some tissues and a pair of socks, which is something you don't typically see when you open up these detail boxes. However, we made it work and took some detail photos along with her bouquet, jewelry and other items inside the box. Don't worry though, not all of the photos had tissues and socks in them - LOL. While I was taking photos with Megan and her bridesmaids, my second shooter was out with the groom and groomsmen getting ready.


Once Megan had slipped into her absolutely stunning dress, it was time for first looks! She not only chose to do a first look with her dad but with her bridesmaids as well, which I loved. First looks don't always have to be with your partner, but they can also be with your wedding party and/or parent & guardian! So now you're probably wondering, what did Megan and Josh do?


It was then time to bring Megan and Josh to a spot at the country club for their first touch. A first touch is essentially a moment between partners prior to your wedding ceremony where rather than seeing each other you touch each other. This mostly consists of hand holding behind a tree or side by side against the corner of a wall or even just facing away from each other. A first touch is the perfect opportunity if you want to still have that excitement from seeing your partner walk down the aisle for the first time but want a bit more privacy and intimacy on your wedding day. Having a first touch also gives you and your partner time to exchange personal vows that you may not want shared during the ceremony!


Shortly after, it was time to make our way to the ceremony! Megan and Josh had a traditional catholic ceremony at St Joseph Catholic Church in Lake Orion, MI. For it being a church, the interior was so well lit which normally doesn't happen inside of churches. It was a beautiful ceremony surrounded by all of their loved ones and it wasn't long until these two were officially married - yesssss!!!


The entire wedding day we were pretty much ahead of schedule. So when it came time for their portraits our original plan was to drive around in their rented out party bus around town. However, after seeing the surrounding area of the church and how beautiful it was we all decided to utilize what we had and take some photos in this beautiful open field behind the church. It ended up being a win-win for everybody! Since we did have some time, Megan mentioned that the beer stash was running a bit low, so naturally we all hopped on the party bus and made our way to the liquor store for a quick beer run. Not only was this completely spontaneous but very Megan and Josh, which I just loved. We headed back to the church where we spent the remainder of the time taking photos, sipping some beer and enjoying the beautiful day.


After portraits were done, we made our way back to IGCC for their reception! Megan and Josh had their grand entrance and moved straight into the cutting of their cake (which was delicious btw). We enjoyed some first dances before sneaking off to the 18th hole on the golf course for Megan and Josh's golden hour portraits. Despite the extreme heat this day, we made it and they turned out absolutely beautiful. Towards the end of my stay, the DJ ended up playing the MSU theme song. Everyone from young to old, gathered on the dance floor to chant the MSU theme song and I don't know why but it made me so emotional seeing everyone come together. It was the perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day for Megan and Josh.

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Photography: Photos by Gayle

Planner: Sue Audette (ceremony)/ Joel Boyd (reception)

Videographer: Josh Phillips

Floral: Floral & Flame

DJ: Hitched Entertainment

Desserts: Home Bakery

Reception/Getting ready: Indianwood Golf & Country Club

Ceremony - St Joseph Catholic Church

Dress/Tux: The Wedding Shoppe & Generation Tux

Invitations: Zola