Nichole & Josh

Getting ready

We started off this beautiful day at Nichole's aunt's house where all of the ladies were getting ready. Halfway through, we made our way over to Nichole's mom's house to finish off the getting ready process. One thing I absolutely LOVED about this day was the matching pajamas they all had. Oftentimes, the bride & bridesmaids will have matching robes just as a fun getting ready outfit but instead it was matching jammies! The perfect alternative if you're looking for something super comfy & cute! You may notice one small detail in Nichole's robe though. Her robe is specifically passed down throughout her family & cousins. The tradition is whenever someone in the family gets married next, the most recent bride will embroider the initials of that next person and the date of the wedding. Then that cousin will wear it on her wedding day and the tradition will continue! I thought this was such a cute tradition and love when my couples incorporate unique traditions that stand true to them.

The First look

After finishing getting ready, Nichole decided to do her first look. Rather than opting for a first look with Josh, she chose to do her first look with her dad and her grandpa, Papa, for short. This moment was probably one of the cutest moments throughout the whole day. As soon as Nichole stepped out the waterworks came (someone pass the tissues please). It's moments like these that really get me and you could just see how happy Nichole's dad was to see his gorgeous daughter.

After the first look, Nichole went back inside to open up the letter and gifts from Josh. Once Nichole was done opening the gifts, she actually made it a point to show her Papa her bouquet. Now, this wasn't just any bouquet but one that held so much sentimental value and emotion. Nichole decided to print out photos of her grandparents who had passed away and put in on her bouquet. So to commemorate her Grandma, she showed her grandfather and let's just say... I may or may not have been tearing up on the other side of the camera.

Wedding ceremony

Once we did a quick champagne toast with all of the bridesmaids, we hopped on the party bus to head to the ceremony! The ceremony was held at the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church and it was just so stunning. The architecture inside was to die for and I love when there is so much detail in the stained glass windows and art work. Throughout the ceremony you could just tell how in love they both were and I was just obsessed with how Josh kept looking at Nichole. Nichole is a very smiley person in general, so to see her grinning from ear to ear was such an amazing moment to capture. After the ceremony, for their grand exit they actually had everyone blowing bubbles as the newlyweds walked out! While bubbles are a fantastic grand exit prop, there are many other options to have a standout exit. Some include: lavender, lanterns, glow sticks, biodegradable confetti, flower petals and more! These are some of my favorite moments because you can get super creative while also making a statement.

Wedding Portraits

When it came to wedding portraits, there was one standout photo that Nichole really wanted. She wanted the entire wedding party to take shots in a more casual laid-back setting like a bar. Luckily for us the bar, Mudgie's, was about a 10 second drive. We hopped on the party bus and made our way to the bar and that is when we got some unfortunate news. The bar had just closed and was currently undergoing renovations so unfortunately we couldn't use the indoor space. However, one the owners heard of our debacle and he took it upon himself to offer us suggestions of other bars and even let us use outside his bar to take some photos! He was such a kind soul and even was pouring shots and TAKING shots with everyone which I thought was so sweet of him.

There was one more spot where Nichole and Josh really wanted portraits done and that was in this small alley right near Comerica Park here in Detroit. Now this isn't just any alley, it's actually the alley where they got engaged! It was such a full circle moment for them to take their wedding photos in the same place where they got engaged and I was just so happy for the both of them.

Backyard Reception

Once portraits were done, we headed over to a family members home for their reception! This backyard reception was so open and filled with so much space, so we really were able to have such a party. These two were such a fun time so their entrance to the reception was just filled with so much fun and laughter. We then moved into their first dance where Nichole and Josh danced to Holy by Justin Bieber. While the song alone is a tear-jerker this first dance moment was so memorable that every time I hear that song I think of Nichole and Josh. They were so uniquely them throughout the entire dance and it was just so pure and genuine. It genuinely felt like a scene from a movie and I loved every minute of it. The dance floor was completely open which made for incredible lighting and I just loved how all of the photos turned out. So next time you're doing some wedding planning, an outdoor dance floor might be your way to go *wink wink*.

Overall this day was an absolute blast and I am so honored to have been able to capture such magic for Nichole and Josh. Congratulations to N+J - cheers!!

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