Sarah & Christian

Sarah and Christian inquired with me a little while back and we hit it off almost instantly. For their engagement session, we wanted to keep things classic and timeless. So rather than my typical outdoor excursions, we decided to head to a studio in Sandy, Utah to document this moment of their lives. Sarah and Christian had never had their photos professionally taken, so they were looking forward to this entire process. We had so much fun lounging around the studio, playing music, and taking photos and it was honestly, the perfect way to spend my day.

Sarah & Christian's Love Story

Sarah and Christian are two creative souls. They bond over music and art and love having creative hobbies that they can share together. Sarah writes poetry and Christain makes music and they love bonding while drawing. It's evident that their entire relationship is based on connection and love, which was important for us to be able to capture throughout their engagement session. Ever since their first date, which was takeout at Chirstian's apartment followed by talking all night, these two knew something was different. After learning more about each other and all of the things they had in common, the time came to pop the question. Christian and Sarah went to go visit Christian's family in St. George and basically spent a whole day as one big date. Toward the end of the day, they headed towards a lookout to paint together. It was while they were admiring the beautiful scenery that Christian got down on one knee and asked Sarah to marry him. It was a beautiful and sweet moment and is really telling of the kind of relationship that these two built.

Studio Engagement Photos in Sandy, Utah

For Sarah and Christian's engagement session, we wanted things a bit different. Rather than heading off to explore the many beautiful facets of Utah, we instead opted for a studio engagement session in Sandy Utah. We were able to rent out a studio space by White Space Studios in Sandy, Utah. More specifically, we rented out Studio B! Sarah and Christian were looking forward to having photos taken together, documenting memories, and trying something new together. Throughout the entire studio engagement session, we played around with different posing and I even used some of my favorite techniques to get that hazy, vintage type feels to their photos. One benefit of having a studio session is that you don't have to worry about the weather. In peak winter months in Utah, that is a big deal especially if you're not a fan of the cold or snow. Secondly, you're able to play music and really get yourself in the mood. Now, remember, Sarah and Christian are BIG music fans so being able to have this to help set the mood was very important. They even brought along their own record player to emphasize those vintage feels! We were able to really utilize this space for what it is and have the most fun documenting their engagement.

We had so much fun together shooting their engagement photos, I can't wait until we document their wedding later this year!

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