Sarah & Connor

I've basically deemed Stony Creek Metro Park as my second home, seeing that it seems like I travel there almost every single week. That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I have photographed a lot of couples at this park BUT with very good reason. Stony Creek Metro Park is filled with beautiful pines and greenery and you truly do immerse yourself into nature when you're there which is why it is such a fan favorite spot. To check out some other sessions I've photographed at Stony Creek Metro Park, click here! Since this is such a beautiful location, I wasn't surprised when Sarah and Connor reached out for their engagement photos and wanted to have them done there! Of course, I hopped on the opportunity because any chance I can get to go to Stoney Creek Metro Park, I will take it!

Midwest spring engagement session

When Sarah and Connor first inquired with me they, much like a lot of couples, stated that they were "awkward in front of the camera". Couples who say this always think this in the beginning but are slowly proven wrong when they are shown just how easy (and fun) posing and being in front of the camera can actually be. Throughout the entire session, Sarah and Connor's love truly radiated and made any doubts they ever had almost instantly go away. Along for the ride came their 4-year old son, Lenny, who was such a trooper throughout it all, so you may see a few cameo shots of him trickled in there! We first started off in between the towering pine trees, just before golden hour. Since the sun was a bit more harsh than normal, it came peaking in through the trees a bit more but we were able to make it work and these turned out to be some of my favorite photos. Behind the towering pines, Stony Creek Metro Park has a wide open field where we were able to take a few more candid shots of the lovely couple. It was at this moment that I truly realized how outgoing and genuine Sarah and Connor truly were. At almost any moment we were able to stop and chat and I felt like I really got to know all about them, which is ultimately my goal whenever I work with my couples.

casual engagement at dairy queen

Aside from wanting some of their engagement photos done at the park, Sarah and Connor stressed that they wanted to stop at one more location before it was all over. That one location of course being Dairy Queen. We made the short commute to DQ where of course, it was PACKED. Keep in mind that it was a Monday evening but hey, I guess a lot of people like Dairy Queen right? We were able to snag a few ice cream cones and shakes and spent the remainder of the evening soaking up the last of the sun in the sky and enjoying each other's company. Take this as your sign that you don't need anywhere fancy to take your engagement photos, in fact in could be as somewhere as simple as your local park and DQ! What matters the most is who you're with and why you're there - to celebrate you.

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