Karley & Tyler

Okay so don't judge me.... but I just love Stony Creek Metro Park. Can you tell? It's the perfect location for any type of shoot and is definitely a go-to of mine. So when Karley & Tyler reached out to do this sweet couples session, how could I NOT?


Karley and Tyler are the cutest couple and are actually married, so when they reached out to do this couples session I was more than excited. Due to circumstances of the pandemic, millions of people were affected. Karley & Tyler included, so this session was to lighten things up and create some new & positive memories which of course I wanted to help them do. We made our way over to Stony Creek Metro Park along with their adorable pup. He had the prettiest icy blue eyes, so of course we had to showcase them! We started off at the usual forest spot surrounded by the gorgeous pine trees before heading over to this wide open field. I call this my "magical field". Don't ask me why, I just do! Now once we got to the field it was pretty late in the day, so of course it was dinner time for the bugs. We were getting eaten alive and none of us remembered to bring bug spray. Moral of the story.... ALWAYS BRING BUG SPRAY.

We decided now would be a good time to do an outfit change! By outfit change I just totally mean putting on these really fun & cozy jackets. They add the perfect amount of pop of color and quite frankly made me want one of my own. Throughout this entire session all I could think about was how cozy, warm and comforting Karley & Tyler's dynamic was. You could just tell they absolutely adored each other and it was just such a great experience being able to capture these memories for them.

On our way back to the car we HAD to stop and get some photos of these two lovers on the street. I don't know why I am so drawn to having my couples lay on concrete but hey, it works! Depending on the type of session you have to expect to get a little bit creative and that may or may not include you having to lay down in the grass or road. Just be prepared and keep that in mind whenever you're looking for what outfits to wear!

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