Madi & Duran


When Madi and Duran reached out to me to shoot their engagement photos, I couldn't have been more thrilled. Madi and Duran are the type of couple that go with the flow. Whenever I begin working with a couple, I always send out a questionnaire to get to know them better. For Madi and Duran, their ideal date night would be dinner with just the two of them and after, just seeing where the wind takes them. I really wanted to incorporate this effortless, go with the flow feel throughout their entire session and I knew just how to do it.


We started off their session in the big field right outside of Stony Creek Metro Park in Shelby Township, Michigan. It was a pretty overcast day, so despite us not being able to get any cool sun flares during their session we were able to catch some of the beautiful fall foliage. We actually ended up doing their engagement photos a little bit later in the day. Both Madi and Duran are go with the flow kind of people and were really down for anything! Starting their session a bit later gave us a bit more opportunity to play around with flash and be a bit more creative than usual, which I loved!


We made our way over to the infamous tall pines to takes some photos there as well. Now I know what you're probably thinking, "why do you keep shooting in the same location?" and to that I say - why fix what's not broken? LOL. We moved around a bit back to another field inside the park and even got to do a quick outfit change! At this point the sun was long gone but we were given this absolutely gorgeous blue hour. For those of you who don't know, blue hour is when the sun has gone below the horizon. The remaining amount of light in the sky then reflects off this gorgeous blue shade... hence "blue hour".

Once blue hour was over, we were left in complete darkness. Okay, not complete darkness I mean I still had my flash on my camera! We whipped that out and started taking some photos with flash. It's at this point you can REALLY see how dark it was since behind us looked like a never ending abyss. Luckily for us, since it was a cool autumn night we weren't eaten by too many bugs. Photos by Gayle: 1, Bugs: 0.

flash photos

As we were finishing up with their session... or so we thought... a brilliant idea came to me. For one last hoorah, I had Madi and Duran turn on their car headlights and stand in front of them. It gave us this gorgeous golden glow behind them and are some of my favorites of the bunch. Even though the session was long, it was quite worth it. As I was driving home I couldn't contain my excitement to edit these photos and I am so happy with how these turned out. Spoiler alert: this is how I am almost after every session *wink*.

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