Sarah & Christian

In Utah, there are many hidden gem locations. One of the most overlooked being the Utah State Capitol. I have been able to document several different love stories at the Utah State Capitol, you can check out some of those here. Because of this, I know that this is an absolutely beautiful location for some bridals which is exactly what brought me back here. Sarah and Christian really wanted a day dedicated to taking their bridals prior to their wedding day. So here we were back at the Utah State Capitol for Sarah and Christian’s Spring Bridals at the Utah State Capitol.

Bridal portrait sessions give you, the couple, the opportunity to not feel rushed getting your couple's portraits. It’s basically a dedicated day for just you and your partner without the hustle and bustle of all the craziness of a wedding day. If you want to see more reasons why couples choose to have a bridal portrait session, click here.

Sarah and Christian’s Spring Bridals at the Utah State Capitol

One of the many beautiful things about the Utah State Capitol is its breathtaking architecture. From grand staircases and wide open hallways, it makes it the perfect place to get very grandeur Spring bridals which is exactly what we were going for. There are several different levels of the Utah State Capitol which makes it incredibly unique and easy to find many amazing photo locations. Sarah, Christian, and I wandered throughout the Utah State Capitol utilizing every inch of the space as we could. We made sure to also center our efforts on the grand staircase at the Utah State Capitol. Sarah wore this insanely beautiful grand veil and even was able to slip on some thinly veiled gloves to complete her wedding look. Her wedding dress from Pritchett Bridal draped beautifully over her. She wore light blue heels that paired stunningly with Christian’s baby blue suit from Asos.

While the Utah State Capitol is accessible to the public, we did unfortunately get kicked out by security because we accidentally stayed there after hours! However, that didn’t stop us from going outside and enjoying the beautiful blooming flowers. A well known spot for admiring the blooming flowers, we were able to utilize the Utah State Capitol's outdoor space to finish off their session and also get some of the most stunning sunset portraits I have ever seen.

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