Yaz & Tyler

One word to describe Yaz & Tyler's wedding? Wow. If you don't remember, I actually took Yaz and Tyler's engagement photos a while back. If you want to check out that blog post, click here! I took about a million photos that day and from that moment on, I was obsessed with them and their love.

Getting Ready

We started off the day with both Yaz and Tyler getting ready! Tyler was getting ready in an airbnb with his groomsmen while Yaz was getting ready at their ceremony location. While taking photos of Tyler and of course, hyping him up as I should, one of his friends blurted out " yeah all of those years of modeling has prepared you for today!" and everything made sense. Tyler looked like a straight up model, ESPECIALLY with the photos by the window (pictured above), I was obsessing.

Moving onto Yaz getting ready with her bridesmaids! This process took a bit longer so we may or may not have been a bit late to the ceremony, but no worries! We always prepare for moments like this! As everyone was getting ready, I took this opportunity to take some detail shots. Let me tell you, Yaz's florals were just to die for. Her bouquet actually had succulents in it and is something I had never seen before. I love when couples take small details like that and tweak it to really make it unique and their own.

Spring Backyard Wedding Ceremony

After getting ready, it was time for the ceremony! Yaz and Tyler actually had their gorgeous Spring wedding in the backyard of Tyler's aunts house. Something about backyard wedding just radiates with those sweet and intimate vibes which I love. The ceremony began and it was the sweetest thing ever and the sun really came out to play and it ended up being perfect weather, which in May you never know what kind of weather you may get. Tyler was definitely a crier, the minute that Yaz walked down the aisle the water works came. You best believe that I was wiping tears from my eyes throughout the whole day as well (no shame here!). Yaz and Tyler even chose to write their own vows, which reminisced back on moments that they shared, things they enjoy doing (like gaming) and were just so intentional.At one point in the ceremony, Yaz and Tyler incorporated a lasso ceremony. This is where a rope is tied around the bride and groom to symbolize unity and the becoming of one. I love when my couples incorporate personal touches and really make their day unique to them and their own traditions.

Bridal Portraits

Once the ceremony was over, it was time for portraits (psst... this is one of my favorite parts). Tyler's aunts home had so much greenery and wa beautiful so I was so excited to use that to our advantage. Both Yaz and Tyler are of course STUNNING on their own, but together their love radiates. As we were taking photos, you could see their love really taking over and being together flowed as easy as water. There was a moment during the reception where I grabbed them for golden hour photos and these were so gorgeous. It almost felt as if we were in the middle of an orchard with how many trees, flowers and nature we were surrounded by.

mexican culture, open dance floors & sparklers

Portraits were over so it was then time to move to the reception. Now let me get one thing straight... the food and drinks were TO DIE FOR. They even had the Sip Mobile Bar set up in the backyard as well! Sip Mobile Bar is a bar rental company that goes to your event and serves up insanely delicious drinks - 10/10 would recommend.

Yaz is Mexican so of course incorporating her culture into their wedding was a must, and it ended up being a huge successful party. The music was so upbeat and fun which lead to basically everyone hopping onto the dance floor and get their groove on (is that what the cool kids say nowadays?). There was even a moment where Tyler picks Yaz up and twirls her around while barefoot. Moments like these are the ones that make me tear up *wipes tears from keyboard*.

To end the night, Yaz and Tyler did their grand exit with sparklers! Grand exit's are essentially the same concept as grand entrances except you are leaving instead of arriving! I love when my couples do something fun for their grand exit and really go out with a bang. However, sparklers are not the only thing you can use for your grand exit. Other options can include: floating lanterns, bubbles, streamers, bio-degradable confetti, flower petals, glow sticks and more! Whatever you choose to do though, is entirely up to you. After all, it is your wedding day *wink*

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