Lucille & Lilia

rainy michigan couples session

I don't know if you could see the resemblance, but Lucille is actually my sister! Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why we do certain photoshoots. Sometimes we just do it for the fun of it and you know what? That's cool too! This shoot in particular was actually the first time meeting Lilia. Lilia is originally from Texas, but her and Lucille actually attend Hamilton College together in New York. This photoshoot was a great way for us to be able to bond and also have some photos taken, a win-win if you ask me!

It was the middle of August and a big storm was about to hit. We originally had planned a few spots for us to go to, but there was a storm warning going out so we decided MAYBE not the best idea for us to drive. Instead, we had to improvise! We headed to the end of our families driveway and just ended up taking photos on the road there. While it may not be the most "exciting" location to shoot at, I really feel like that's the whole point. You don't need somewhere fancy to take photos and it really is all about the people in the photos, more than the location. Don't get me wrong, a pretty background is nice but it's not everything. This was Lucille and Lilia's first time getting photos taken and honestly they did amazing! You may not be able to notice but it was actually misting throughout this entire session. The storm had already started, but you know... we're rebels. Good thing you couldn't see me huddling underneath my umbrella protecting my camera. Ah, the things you do for a good photo sometimes - LOL.

Towards the end of their session, the sun came out and it was absolute bliss. The golden glow was just grazing their skin and it was a nice surprise despite the rainy & stormy weather. You would have never guessed but this whole photoshoot took us about 10 minutes! Yes, you read that right. Although we were given a very short window before the rain came pouring down on us, we still made the most of it. So if you're looking for a sign to just do the photoshoot, here it is. DO IT.

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