Maggie & Wesley

Maggie and Wes inquired with me a little while back to capture their wedding in Chicago in March of 2023. Naturally, we hit it off and by the time you read this, I would be mid-editing their wedding photos - woohoo! Since Maggie and Wes currently live in Chicago and now I, a Utah Wedding Photographer, trying to find a time to meet up for their engagement session seemed impossible. They decided to skip the engagement photos, which I was totally fine with! Fast forward, it is now New Year's Eve. I receive a message from Maggie saying that she and Wes had a last-minute trip to come to Salt Lake City, Utah. I happily looked at my phone and knew it was fate bringing us together for their engagement session. In just a short period of time, Maggie and Wes made their way to Salt Lake City, Utah for their engagement session with me!


Since my husband, Joe, and I recently made the move to Utah we have spent a ton of time driving around and location scouting. In comes the beautiful Little Dell Reservoir in Salt Lake City, Utah which I thought would be absolutely perfect for Maggie and Wesley's engagement photos. There is a beautiful lake and tons of mountains in the horizon that I thought looked absolutely stunning. I sent it to Maggie for her approval and she was so for it! So when the time came to head to the Little Dell Reservoir, everything seemed perfect and dandy... or was it.

On the 15-minute drive to Salt Lake City, Utah the weather took a turn. At first, it was raining, and then 5 minutes up the road, it began snowing. Now Little Dell Reservoir is wide open and was perfect for snow... rain? Not so much. So at this point, I was slightly freaking out. The snow started to come down a bit harder and we finally arrived at Little Dell Reservoir.

Despite the fact that it was snowing so hard we couldn't see any of the mountains or the lake, that didn't deter us. In fact, we had an absolute blast! Maggie and Wesley were very go-with-the-flow and were absolute troopers as we played around in the snow and took their engagement photos. Maggie and Wesley even brought along their adorable pup in his Carhartt sweater toward the end of their session to take a few photos. The moral of the story is that you can make just about anything work. So before you start freaking out over the weather or a change in plans last minute, I am here to guide you every step of the way and make sure you still have the most amazing time ever.

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