Even though I am a Utah Wedding Photographer, I have had the pleasure of documenting love stories all throughout the globe. One of my most recent weddings being in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. However, one place that I get constant questions about is Hawaii. More specifically however, Oahu, Hawaii and how to elope. Now, first things first, you're going to need to know what it means to elope before booking any flights. You can read more about what it actually means to elope here. Next, you're going to need to know how to have a Hawaii elopement in Oahu and the secrets to doing it correctly. That's where I come in.

In this complete guide to Secret to a Oahu Elopement, we will be going over:

  • What you need to have a Oahu elopement
  • Benefits of having an Oahu elopement
  • Where to Elope in Oahu, Hawaii
  • Cost to Elope in Oahu
  • Nearby hotels for your Oahu elopement
  • Nearby Airbnb's for your Oahu elopement
  • Activities nearby for your Hawaii Oahu elopement

what you need to have a hawaii elopement in oahu

First things first, you're going to need to know what you need to have in order to have a Hawaii elopement. Many couples will actually choose to get married in their current state of residence and go to a destination location such as Hawaii for a symbolic ceremony. In either case, here are some things that you're going to need in order to have a valid wedding in Oahu, Hawaii.

  • Marriage License (make sure to bring along a government issued ID)
  • A Registered Marriage Performer (aka an officiant, pastor, etc) to perform your wedding ceremony and file your marriage license

And that's pretty much it! Once you have have secured your marriage license and have an officiant/pastor ready for your ceremony, then those are all of the tools that you will need in order to have a Hawaii elopement in Oahu.

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benefits of having a hawaii elopement in oahu

Oahu, Hawaii is one of those locations that so many couples dream of visiting at least once in their lifetime. The beauty and history of Oahu, Hawaii is worldly and is why it is such a destination location for many. Including me! There are many benefits of having a Hawaii elopement in Oahu, however, here are just a few reasons why having a Hawaii elopement is so magical and beautiful.

it's an adventure

One reason why couples choose to have a Hawaii elopement in Oahu, is for the sense of adventure. I hate to admit it, but my husband, Joe, and I love adventure and exploring new places. It's one of the many reasons why I love my job so much, because it gets to bring me to so many unique and fun places. So why wouldn't you want to experience those things for your wedding? Having a Hawaii elopement allows you to fulfill that sense of adventure and explore a state where you've never been before. Even if you're no stranger to Oahu, Hawaii, there are still thousands of unturned crevasses to explore which makes having a Hawaii elopement in Oahu that much more fun and exciting.

Stunning locations for wedding photos

Another reason why having a Hawaii elopement in Oahu is so great is the photo opportunities! You have plenty of opportunities and locations around the island to have stunning wedding portraits. All of those beautiful Pinterest worthy photos that you see? Yeah, that's Hawaii. The opportunities for beautiful locations on Oahu is astronomical. However, I must caution you that if you are planning a Hawaii elopement in Oahu, to be respectful of the locals and the rules and restrictions that they have at some locations. This goes especially for certain local beaches, we want to be respectful and courteous of this beautiful island.

hawaii elopement & honeymoon in one

Lastly, one of the great things about having a Hawaii elopement in Oahu is the fact that it can double as your honeymoon location as well. While planning your Hawaii elopement, we all know that it can be a lot to do. There are so many moving components, especially if you're going to be traveling far and wide for your Hawaii elopement in Oahu. Rather than planning a whole separate honeymoon, use this adventure as an opportunity to double as your honeymoon spot. Use that time to explore the island, embrace the culture, learn, grow and even explore the other islands if you have time. You can save money on travel costs when you don't have to travel from state to state and you get to spend some more time in a beautiful island. It's a win-win in my eyes!

places to elope in oahu, hawaii

One of the toughest decisions any couple has to make is to decide where they want to get married. With a million and one options out there, it's difficult to choose your dream place to elope in Oahu, Hawaii. First, you need to decide what is the kind of vibe you're going for. Are you looking for something beachy and coastal? Or are you looking for modern and elegant? Are you wanting to hike to the top of a mountain or cliff? These things that you first need to take into account when deciding where to elope in Oahu, Hawaii.

Below are just a few places that I would recommend checking out for your Hawaii elopement in Oahu. Some of these places range from more discreet elopement locations to some of the more popular wedding venues on the island. Remember, as always, you must be respectful of the locals and their rules and guidelines for eloping in Hawaii.

Ka’ena Point State Park

Ka'ena Point State Park is located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The views that you get at Ka'ena Point State Park is next level. With stunning cliffs and ocean views, this is one of the most perfect locations for your Oahu elopement. Mixed along the cliffside are rolling hills, coves and of course, the beach, to have plenty of exploring and stunning views for your Hawaii elopement.

Ahupua’a ‘O Kahana State Park

Ahupua'a 'O Kahana State Park is not a super common spot, however, with a bit of research and talking to some of the locals you can find some amazing trails with some of the most stunning views. Here you have tons of greenery, since you are going to be surrounded by a lot of jungle and eventually, if you do your research correctly, you can find your way to Kahana Bay. Since this location is not the most well known, be prepared to do a bit of hiking through dirt and jungle to get the beautiful locations. I recommend changing once you arrive at your destination location so you don't risk getting your wedding attire dirty or ruined!

Turtle Bay Area

Along the Turtle Bay Resort is the Turtle Bay Area. There is stunning ocean views and plenty of places to explore in the area if you're up for it. However, again, I always recommend bringing some sort of comfortable shoes, clothing and bug spray to prepare yourself for quite the adventure for your Hawaii elopement.

Lanai Lookout 

Lanai Lookout is the perfect location for your Hawaii elopement, especially if you love the stunning rock formations found here. With stunning views of the water (can you sense the theme here?) and beautiful rock formations and plenty of space, this is a top-tier elopement location in Oahu.

Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach is another one of Oahu's most beautiful beaches that makes for the perfect elopement location. With some of the most crystal clear blue water and serene ocean waves, this is a quality option for couples looking to elope in Oahu.

cost to elope in oahu, hawaii

When planning your Oahu elopement, you're also going to need to take into account the cost for your elopement. The great thing about eloping in Hawaii, is that you have the flexibility to decide what you will splurge and save on. This, in and of itself, helps reduce your wedding costs and makes it (for some couples) more cost-effective to elope in Hawaii.

However, unfortunately I can't give you a definitive number on how much it will cost you to elope in Oahu, Hawaii. This is because this cost of your Hawaii elopement is dependent on several things. One being the number of guests attending your Hawaii elopement. Second being where you choose to elope aka whether you're doing it at a Oahu wedding venue or somewhere local where you need permits. You also need to take into account travel costs, food, etc.

When it comes to your photography coverage however, that I got you. So fun fact, I actually have a whole page on my website dedicated to my bucket list travel locations. You can check those out here! These travel locations give couples who are looking to elope in said locations money off (aka you don't need to pay for my travel fees!). Currently my elopement packages start at around $3,300 however, you can read more about my pricing here.

nearby hotels for your oahu, hawaii elopement

If you're planning on having a Hawaii elopement, you're also going to need to know where you are going to stay for your wedding getaway. Where you choose to stay for your Oahu elopement is equally as important as the wedding itself, so listen up! Below is a few of my recommendations on hotels you can stay at your Oahu, Hawaii elopement.

Airbnb's for your oahu hawaii elopement

If hotels aren't you're thing and you're wanting a bit more of a relaxed and more intimate vibe, then Airbnb's will be your best friend! Below are a few Airbnb's that would make for the perfect escape for your Oahu elopement!

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nearby activities for your oahu elopement

While Oahu, Hawaii is known for its beautiful ocean, they are also known for having some of the most adventurous and unique activities for just about any couple. While visiting this beautiful island for your Oahu elopement, here are a few activities that you and your partner may indulge in during your stay!

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