Lina & Edward

San Francisco has been on my bucket list forever and that is for one reason... the Golden Gate Bridge. It's one of those iconic landmarks that you have to see just once and I may or may not have been a fan of Full House when I was younger... Either way, when the opportunity came for me to hop on a plane and fly over to the Bay Area, I was already packing. For this session, Lina, Edward and I really wanted to capture the beauty that is the Bay Area. Low and behold I guess a lot of other people had the same idea, because our original idea was scrapped by literal hundreds of people. Thankfully, we made our way across the bridge to the beach location which ended up being even better. Keep reading to see more from this San Francisco Beach Engagement.

san francisco beach engagement

I've had the opportunity to shoot at a lot of different beaches over the years. I actually blogged one of my other favorite beach sessions too, click here to read all about it! As soon as we stepped onto this secluded beach area by the Golden Gate Bridge it was pure heaven. The sun was behind us which gave us these beautiful backlit photos and you could see the Golden Gate Bridge in all of its glory. Fun fact about me, is that I actually LOVE fog which the Bay Area is known for. So leading up to this trip I was super excited to have a session by the Golden Gate Bridge during peak fog time. Unfortunately for me, it ended up being sunny and nice out (ugh, I know). Nonetheless for these engagement photos it was the perfect scenery. Lina wore this beautiful white dress which was the perfect choice for these engagement type photos. It also paired perfectly with Edward's all black attire!

what to wear to your engagement session

If you are looking to have your engagement photos taken but are struggling with finding what to wear, I've got some tips. First off, you can easily find inspiration through Pinterest! Check out your photographers Pinterest board to see if they have any good engagement outfit inspo. If you want to check out some of mine, just click here! If you've looked through Pinterest and still are wondering "what the heck do I even wear?", here are a few more tips.

  • When in Doubt, Stick with Neutrals & Earth Tones - You can never go wrong with neutrals so sticking to whites, creams, beiges, blacks, caramels and browns are a safe bet. They go with everything and you can't mess it up!
  • Wear What You're Comfortable In - The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in your engagement attire, so choose clothing items that you feel comfortable in. If you wouldn't wear it on any other day, you may not be the most comfortable wearing it for your engagement photos
  • Complement but Don't Match - Matching outfits are soooooo year 2000. No but in all honesty I would suggest you and your partner compliment your outfits rather than matching. Wearing complementary colors will help you both still stand out but in a good way. At the same time, matching is a total vibe sometimes so what do I know? lol
  • Avoid Logos, Heavy Patterns and Graphics - Heavy patterns, logos and graphics can easily distract from the main subjects during an engagement session. Which need I remind you is YOU! I typically recommend sticking to relatively simple attire or patterns that are not too distracting :)

While I could go on and on, hopefully this gives you a bit more insight on what to wear to your engagement session. This session with Lina and Edward was just perfect and I am beyond excited to check San Francisco & the Golden Gate Bridge off my bucket list. So... where to next?

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