Utahna & Ghibran

I had met Utahna a few days before this shoot, photographing my couple Sarah & Christian's bridals. Utahna actually is Sarah's cousin and the beautiful soul who did Sarah's hair for her bridals as well as her wedding! Immediately upon meeting Utahna I knew I had to get her in front of my camera. At the time, I had also been sent a dress from AW Bridal, a fabulous wedding dress company who I have worked with in the past (click here for this exact dress!). You can check out another one of their other dresses here! If you're interested in buying a dress from AW Bridal, you can use code Gayle10 for 10% off, site-wide!

valley view and twin peaks trail loop | Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

So for this shoot with Utahna and her husband, Ghibran, we decided to revisit one of the beautiful trails that me and my husband, Joe, actually got to explore several days before meeting Utahna and Ghibran. The Valley View and Twin Peaks Trail Loop was a trail we stumbled upon hiking one day with our pups. It was here that we saw gorgeous yellow wildflowers and rolling hills for days that made it seem like almost fate when we met up with Utahna and Ghibran.

Keep in mind that because there are a plethora of wildflowers on this trail loop, we made it our mission to not veer off the already established trail. This is to preserve the current wildflowers and maintain Mother Nature's beauty. I also recommend *not* picking the wildflowers either!

how to find the trail entrance

At first glance, it may seem like an impossible task to try and find the entrance to this trail. However, now that we are pro's, here is the route we took to get to this phenomenally beautiful location: We drove up through the Avenues here in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Avenues are a very affluent area in Salt Lake City, Utah and was the start to our adventure towards the Valley View and Twin Peaks Trail Loop. We then pulled off to the side of the road to find ourselves meeting with the start of the trail that would then take us to these gorgeous green rolling hills.

Using All Trails is one of my favorite ways to find hidden gem locations pretty much anywhere. They give you plenty of options for filters depending on how difficult or easy of a hike you're looking to do, which is amazing. It is one of my most used websites/applications and definitely a must-have tool, especially if you're looking for more unique photo locations in Utah or really anywhere!

utahna & Ghibran's salt lake city utah bridal portraits in the rolling hills

Utahna came sporting the stunning dress by AW Bridals and even brought along some props for the shoot which I LOVED. She brought along some hair pieces like a bow, headband and even a wide brimmed hat. Each holding their own character and story that made this bridal session that much more special. Paired with her AW Bridals wedding dress, Utahna chose to sport a gorgeous gold watch which I thought was very unique and different from typical wedding attire. Ghibran on the other hand, wore his original suit that he had worn to his and Utahna's wedding just last year. So newlyweds still at their finest.

Another key note was that this Utah bridal session was taken in the middle of the day on a random Thursday. While the lighting was more harsh because of the sun, something us photographers typically stay away from, it was just perfect for this Utah bridal shoot. The sky seemed much bluer and the grass was much greenery and made the wildflowers look more vibrant. Everything that we could have ever wanted for this Utah bridal shoot.

For this entire Salt Lake City Utah bridal portraits session, we never strayed from this beautiful rolling hills location. I mean, why would we? It was absolutely breathtaking and perfect for the very romantic vibe that we were going for. In all actuality, this day reminded me completely of the movie The Sound of Music and was giving Julie Andrews singing through the hills and mountains vibes. All in the BEST way possible.

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