Liz & Pete

One of my favorite parts about Liz and Pete’s wedding day was how intentional they were. Liz wore this absolutely stunning simple & modern dress, minimal hair and plastic florals and still looked like a queen. To them, wedding decor, wedding details and all the “technical” things that come into planning a wedding didn’t matter. All that mattered to Liz & Pete was that they were together and were so excited to get married. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they both just radiated pure love and I thought it was just so touching. I basically felt like I was crying…. all day. 

Getting Ready & First Look

Upon arriving in the morning, I was greeted with the wonderful smell of… can you guess? Cannolis! Apparently, cannoli’s are one of Liz’s favorite foods and of course it was only fitting to eat it for breakfast on your wedding day! After finishing getting ready, we moved into Liz and Pete’s first touch. A first touch is when you have physical contact before actually seeing them. A hand hold with your backs turned, or maybe beside a big tree. It’s a great alternative to anyone who wants that intimate alone time with their partner without losing the surprise of seeing your partner walk down the aisle in their wedding attire. After their first touch moment, we then moved into their first look. As you can guess, a first look is when you finally get to see your partner - hooray!! The anticipation, the reactions, the love pouring out of both of them! It was an overwhelming amount of love… but in the BEST possible way.

Saint Clair Shores Michigan Wedding Ceremony

So the wedding took place at Pete’s family home here in Michigan. It was at the home that he grew up in! It was in Saint Clair Shores right along the canal. That’s actually where the ceremony took place, right on the dock by the water! Uhm… #weddinggoals. Liz and Pete chose to have an intimate and intentional ceremony, so those who attended were only siblings, parents and close relatives. Extended family and close friends would join in later that day. While there is no “right way” to go about planning your wedding, there were definitely moments throughout the day that really stood out to me. For the ceremony, they chose to have no seats for the guests. Everyone formed their own aisle for both Liz and Pete to walk down.. together! I thought that was so unique and cute! Throughout the ceremony, boats & pedestrians on kayaks would pass by and would cheer for the bride and groom to be. As the ceremony came towards an end, and rings were about to be exchanged, we ran into one problem. The rings were missing! Okay… well not missing but actually forgotten in the car. Naturally, the ceremony took a pause until the rings could be safely retrieved and the show could continue! Despite all of this, the ceremony was nothing less than beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, amazing (insert any other adjectives *wink*). 

Wedding Reception

After the ceremony, it was time to move into the reception! The atmosphere, the guests, the food was just immaculate! They had the Detroit BBQ Company cater their reception and let me tell you... the food was divine! Remember how I said Liz loved cannoli’s? Well Liz and Pete actually opted to have a cannoli cake where there were cannoli’s on top and the inside was filled with cannoli filling. Moral of the story: you can never have too many cannoli’s. While on the theme of “non traditional weddings”, they both opted out of a first dance and instead did a first shot. Who knew that this bottle of whiskey where they took their first shot would turn into a now made tradition. Liz and Pete will be keeping this bottle of whiskey and every year on their anniversary, they will take a shot! I thought that was such a cute idea and I love when my couples are able to join together as one and create their own traditions. It just adds so much to their own unique love story and I am obviously here for it. 

One of the best parts about this day was actually how well all of the wedding guests coordinated with their attire! Liz and Pete included in their invitations a “recommended” theme for their guests to follow and let me tell you… they did NOT disappoint. This was my first wedding where I have experienced that and honestly… let’s do this more often! Right before finishing off for the night, they had planned to do this amazing lantern shot. Let me tell you… not everything goes to plan on your wedding day. Lanterns were falling to the ground rather than floating, or they were casually catching on fire… nonetheless you can’t say that it wasn’t an eventful time. Actually, the last lantern to be lit ended up making so much of a commotion that the dog kept chasing after it (hence why you will see Liz & Pete laughing so hard towards the last few photos). Slight mishaps turned into blessings in disguise and memories that will last forever. The day was beautiful and I feel so honored to have been able to capture such special moments for Liz and Pete. Congratulations L+P - cheers!

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