Lindsey & Lawson

Back in Fall of 2021, the foliage was nowhere to be seen. I had taken a bunch of sessions in the month of October and Mother Nature said “no way” to the fall colors. Once November hit, we were given so many beautiful fall tones and the leaves were FINALLY changing - but all of my fall sessions had kind of died down. I went to my IG (which if you don’t follow me there, you def should here) and offered a discounted session for a couple who wanted to come to my house and do a photoshoot on my roof. Luckily for me, in came Lindsey and Lawson. 

Rooftop Couples Photoshoot

Lindsey and Lawson arrived the next day and were such a fun loving and giggly couple. They had recently gotten married in the last year or two and are no strangers to being in front of the camera. They seemingly knew alot of the prompts that I was going to ask which not only made everything 10x easier but that much for fun too. Now keep in mind, we shot this entire session on my roof. So I don’t want to hear any excuses that you can’t find any good locations to shoot at - trust me, you can make almost anything work! We spent the majority of the session, moving to different locations on the roof of my house and really just having to chase the sun. One of my favorite photos to capture are ones with beautiful sun flares so as soon as we saw the opportunity we snagged it. Lindsey and Lawson came dressed pretty casually and both of them together were just *chefs kiss*. I usually advise against wearing plaid to sessions but let me tell you, these two proved me wrong.

The weather was getting a bit more crisp and the sun was starting to set. We realized that Lindsey and Lawson actually brought along some hot chocolate as one of their props! Even though Lawson isn’t the biggest fan of hot chocolate he trooped it out and we were able to get a few photos before packing it up for the night. These photos have got to be some of my favorite (yes, I know I say that about every session). It was spontaneous and fun and we really just got to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time which is really all we could ever ask for. So more spontaneous and fun sessions please!

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