Andrew & Maddy

Back in 2019, I was able to photograph Andrew and Maddy in this fun photoshoot at a local laundromat in Michigan. You can check that out here! Oh, and before I forget, Andrew is actually my brother and Maddy is his now fiancé. After such a successful shoot at the laundromat, we were determined to set aside time for another one. In came 2020 and our plans got a bit skewed. Luckily once 2022 came around, Andrew let me know that he was actually proposing to Maddy, and now was the perfect time for our shoot that we had always planned on. It was the perfect plan and of course, I was in for the ride.

A few months before the shoot, Andrew had picked out and bought the ring. He was just waiting for the right moment to execute the plan. Several weeks before our shoot, Andrew and I sat down and discussed the plan for how everything was going to play out. Since it was a few weeks out, when the day finally came to have everything all set up and to go I was just crossing my fingers that everything would work out okay. Spoiler alert: it did.

vintage surprise proposal

For the first portion of the shoot, we really wanted to hit home with some vintage vibes. I had brought along this vintage suitcase that actually used to belong to my Great Grandma. I felt it was a pretty fitting accessory for the occasion, don't ya think? Andrew and Maddy came decked out in all-new clothes specifically bought for this shoot which I think just showed their dedication to make sure everything was going right. Little did Maddy know that her world was going to completely change in just a little bit.

Towards the second part of our shoot we made our way over to the Rochester University area which is where Andrew and Maddy met. Near there is where we decided to do the remainder of their shoot and have Andrew pop the question. While in Rochester, we noticed this bridge. This bridge would become the symbolic point for Andrew and Maddy's engagement and it turned out to be the perfect location for Andrew to "pop the question". It was here that I prompted both Andrew and Maddy to line up back to back and walk away from each other before running into each other's arms. We ran through this prompt once for practice, I handed my brother the ring, and then it was go time! P.S. My hands were shaking the entire time, I didn't want anything to get messed up. As soon as she turned around you could tell it was pure and utter shock, Maddy had no idea. #missionaccomplished

After being completely shocked and riding on cloud 9, we all met up at Rochester Mills Brewery where friends and family all met to congratulate the newly engaged couple! We ended up eating dinner at the brewery before everyone ended up grabbing ice cream at one of their favorite shops. It truly was a day I will never forget. It's so sappy to think about but truly was such a special moment and honor to capture.

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