Jhordan & Julian

Okay, so we are taking it back to the roaring 20’s for this beautiful Palm Springs Roaring 20s Elopement. Now try saying that 3x fast - I dare you. Anyways, I was SO excited for this shoot because it really took me out of my element. Normally I do a lot of shoots that are surrounded by nature or are a bit on the bohemian side, but not for this day. Jhordan and Julian were the absolute best pair to be in front of my camera and these photos are just breathtakingly beautiful. However if you don’t believe me, go see for yourself.


While in California, I was counting down the days to finally get together with Jhordan and Julian for this Roaring 20’s inspired elopement. Palm Springs, California is known for their lush palm tress (obviously), beautiful weather, and lax lifestyle. All three of those things I absolutely love, what a coincidence! 

palm springs roaring 20's elopement

So for this Palm Springs elopement, we really wanted to pull inspiration from the roaring 20s. A time period is known for flappers, jazz bands, and a whole lotta dancing. The roaring '20s was a time of economic growth and prosperity. It was a time when women slowly but surely began growing into their own identities and gaining more independence than ever before. For this elopement, Jhordan and Julian knew exactly how to dress the part and looked absolutely amazing doing it. Now for this roaring 20's elopement, it was only fitting that we took Jhordan and Julian's portraits in a bar. Seymour's was the perfect place for us to head to, so off we went.

As soon as we arrived at Seymour's, I just knew that it was the universe telling us that we needed to be there. The atmosphere inside of the bar was exactly what we were going for and truly emphasized those old-school 20s vibes. While Julian of course looked as dapper as ever, the true star of the show had to be Jhordan in her STUNNING dress and beaded headpiece. It was as if it was made for her and she really did look like a goddess. I was absolutely starstruck when I saw her, which made me all the more excited to shoot this roaring 20's elopement.

Now an iconic moment that we just had to capture was Jhordan on top of the bar dancing away. Thanks to Seymour's for allowing us to use their space to the fullest to get the full effect of this flashback through time. Typically when it comes to moments like this, I am beyond grateful that I get to work with such amazing people who fuel my creativity to this capacity. We were able to celebrate Jhordan & Julian as a couple in the most fun and creative ways and I am BEYOND obsessed with how all of these turned out. Don't you agree?

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