Diamond Fork Canyon Utah Honeymoon Photos

Rachel and Caleb recently got married and had originally booked me to document their honeymoon down in southern Utah. Rachel and Caleb, originally being from Ohio, wanted the beautiful look of the red rocks in their honeymoon photos. Their honeymoon would be taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah so it seemed fitting to make this road trip down to southern Utah to capture some of the well-known red rock scenery. However, plans quickly went South and it seemed like all hope was lost when they wouldn't be able to make it all the way down to the south. Luckily, as a Utah Wedding Photographer, my job is to think on my feet and come up with solutions! Rather than cancelling their session in its entirety, we were able to find this gorgeous red rock area right here outside of Spanish Fork, Utah. It was exactly what the doctor ordered and everything that Rachel and Caleb wanted for their Red Ledges Utah Honeymoon Session.

Rachel & Caleb's Red ledges Spanish Fork Utah Honeymoon Session

Right outside of Spanish Fork, Utah, you will find this little area called the Red Ledges. It's here at these Red Ledges that you are surrounded by absolute greatness. The stunning greenery of Utah's landscaping, along with red rocks and views of the mountain peaks in the distance with snow capped tops. It seriously couldn't have gotten anymore dreamy and I just knew that we had found the perfect place for this honeymoon session.

Rachel and Caleb came out wearing matching black tops and jeans for their outfits. While most of the time, many photographers will stray away from telling their couples to wear matching outfits, in this case it totally worked. We were able to wander through Red Ledges and enjoy the beautiful red rock scenery and share that newlywed bliss that they were experiencing. While red rocks were definitely on their bucket list, that wasn't all for this adventure honeymoon session. Shortly after soaking in all of that beauty, we wandered on this slight road and path where butterflies graced us with their presence. This spoke to Rachel heavily, as butterflies are one of the many things she loves. I even got one of my all time favorite shots with some butterflies floating above Rachel and Caleb which I thought was just phenomenal to witness. Utilizing the beauty of nature is one of the many reasons why I love adventure sessions to begin with. It gives you so much time and space to get creative, slow things down and appreciate things that you normally would just brush off if you were in a rush against time.

After, Rachel and Caleb did a quick outfit change and we quickly raced to a small little river just a short trek away from where the Red Ledges were. It was here that they dipped their feet in the water and made things feel very earthy, natural and organic. It spoke to who they are as people and the kind of vibes that they were giving off and I couldn't have asked for anyone else to step foot in front of my camera for this Red Ledges Utah Honeymoon Session.

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