Lauren & Lewis

For Lauren and Lewis, being present and in the moment meant the most to them. They actually ended up getting married at Lauren's parents home in Evart, Michigan. This beautiful lakefront property was one that Lauren knew she wanted to get married at. Actually, she had written a journal entry years prior expressing that she knew one day she would get married there and there she was.


Typically when I arrive I start by taking photos of the couple along with detail and flat-lay photos. However, for Lauren and Lewis the getting ready process and details didn't mean that much to them. When I arrived, I did have a bit of time to take a couple photos of some details that Lauren had gathered in a box prior to me arriving. Which btw, is always what I recommend couples do before their photographer arrives.

Inside this box were some jewelry, invitations, and a bunch of crystals and rocks. These crystals and rocks symbolized Lauren's love for them ever since she was little, which I thought was just a cute touch to her detail photos.


Shortly after, it was time for us to meet up with Lewis for their first look. It was a bit drizzly outside, so I always come prepared with some clear umbrellas. Lauren walked out to their ceremony altar where Lewis stood there waiting for her with his back turned. She walked down the aisle as he turned around and was starstruck by her beauty. Her perfectly flowing dress along with the pearls that glistened in her hair. It was quite perfect, if I do say so myself. During their first look, Lauren and Lewis also exchanged their personal vows which made this moment all the more special and intimate for them.


When it came time for their portraits, I just couldn't stop. The property was just so beautiful, filled with tons of greenery, and although it was misting off and on all day, it didn't matter. The beauty and magic that were created were just unbeatable.

Lauren's parents' home is located on a private lake property, so peace and tranquility were all that you had. Surrounded by tons of trees and the sounds of nature, making this the perfect wedding getaway and the perfect place that embodied Lauren and Lewis' love story.


The ceremony as you could imagine was just as peaceful and beautiful. Their officiant/Lewis' best friend definitely made their ceremony very funny and light-hearted. He really wanted to emphasize Lauren and Lewis' love in a very funny and positive way, while still being himself which made this a definitely fun and unique ceremony experience.

Lauren and Lewis also changed sides from a typical wedding lineup. That way Lauren could look at her bridesmaids while Lewis was able to look at his groomsmen. Again, small intimate changes like this make all the difference! They also had a ring-warming ceremony where everyone in their wedding party holds the rings before the couple exchanges them. This is just the perfect way to show unity and togetherness with those who love and support you on such a special day.


After the ceremony, hopping on the lake in their pontoon boat was an absolute must. We had Lauren and Lewis pop some champagne, enjoy a ride on the boat and really enjoyed this time together. It really felt like a bonding experience for all of us and we didn't want the party to stop... so it didn't.


For their reception, we first had a game of flip cup which is definitely something I can say you don't see every day. Getting these two lovebirds to actually sit down and eat was a definite struggle. Both Lauren and Lewis loved being able to talk with their guests, dance around, and soak up the moment which is normally never a problem. However, please make sure you eat especially if you've been drinking on your wedding day! Luckily, someone was able to feed them throughout the reception so we were all good in that department. We spent the rest of the night witnessing beautiful first dances, their beautiful cake cutting, and a quick outfit change for Lauren and busting our butts on the dance floor.

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