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Becca and Bobby actually both live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, for their engagement photos they decided to explore Park City, Utah with yours truly. Park City is actually where Becca has a lot of her family, so it was the perfect way to blend together a family visit and an engagement celebration. Becca is an ecologist, so she absolutely loves everything to do with nature. Both Becca and Bobby also enjoy hiking, so it was important being able to blend together the two for their engagement photos. Several years ago, on a hike with her sister, Becca stumbled upon one of the most beautiful trailheads. Even years later, she knew that this would be the perfect location for her Park City Utah Sunrise Engagement Photos and hearing this vision, I knew I just had to be a part of it.

becca & bobby's park city utah sunrise engagement photos at bloods lake trail

Bloods Lake Trailhead is a pretty popular trail here in Park City, Utah. It's because of this that things at Bloods Lake Trailhead can get very crowded and busy... very quickly. Knowing this, I suggested we do a sunrise engagement session instead and luckily for me, Becca and Bobby were totally down for it. For those of you who don't know, sunrise engagement sessions are typically best for two things. One, if your location is super crowded you limit the amount of people out and about. Two, you get some of the dreamiest and beautiful golden hour lighting which is absolutely stunning. A sunrise golden hour and a sunset golden hour are completely different, so I loved being able to switch things up and go on this adventure with Becca and Bobby for their sunrise engagement photos at Bloods Lake Trail.

We started off this morning like any other sunrise session... waking up SUPER early. Becca and Bobby came prepared with some hiking gear and boy, were these two dressed to the nine's. Surprisingly enough, Becca's dress was from Amazon. Yes, you read that correctly. It fit her like a glove and she looked like a real fairytale princess. I just couldn't get over it. The length of Bloods Lake Trail is pretty lengthy coming in at 2.7 miles, so I recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. We spent that morning hiking through Bloods Lake Trail, soaking up nature and always making sure to stay on the trail. When utilizing trails like this, it's important to be aware of your surrounding and care for the environment around you so be weary of that if you ever do plan on visiting Bloods Lake Trail or any trail for that matter.

Eventually we made it to Bloods Lake, our main destination. Let me just tell you that the views and scenery here was insane. We spent a good chunk of time here soaking up the views of Bloods Lake and really just admiring all that Utah has to offer... like wow. While these Park City Sunrise Engagement Photos were photographed in July, in the peaks of the mountains you can still see a bit of snow which I thought was pretty cool and crazy.

Beyond that, Becca and Bobby did a quick outfit change into something a bit different. Becca, known for her obsession with sunglasses all over her socials, broke out in a white jumpsuit and white daisy sunglasses. While Bobby kept things pretty casual to compliment Becca and let me say it was very them. Since Becca and Bobby booked an adventure session with me, I was with them for a total of 3.5 whole hours documenting their love story. Read more about what adventure sessions are here. We talked about music, life and spent this time creating art and learning more about each other. Truly, that's what adventure sessions are all about. Taking the time to really soak in the moment and enjoy every bit of each other.

important information about bloods lake trailhead

Before you make the trek towards Bloods Lake Trailhead, here is some important information that you may need to know.

  • This place is MOSQUITO central so make sure to pack plenty of bug spray & even protective gear. Trust me on this.
  • Blood Lakes Trailhead is a lengthy trail so come prepared with hiking gear, proper shoes, water and anything else you may need to keep you cool
  • Fun Fact Taught By Becca: If you rub the white bark on one of the Aspen trees you will have a white powder residue that acts as a natural sunscreen!

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