Abby & Alex

Abby and Alex are the kind of couple that just radiate love, joy and passion. From the moment I met them, their energy was radiating. Throughout the months of wedding planning, I knew that they wanted their wedding day to be filled with love and intention. Having their wedding done their way in a way that celebrated their most authentic and beautiful selves. This is that story.

Inisfree Farm

Abby and Alex got married at Inisfree Farm in Pullman, Michigan. Innisfree Farm is comprised of several different beautiful locations that can be utilized during your wedding day. This includes their historic 1893 barn that includes dressing rooms, a bar, a large balcony and covered porch. They also have a beautiful butterfly sanctuary garden as well as their Peace Garden which make for beautiful wedding ceremony spots. The entire grounds of Inisfree Farm are well landscaped and filled with tons of florals and greenery that will have your heart soaring. It's definitely one of the most picturesque farms I've had the honor of photographing! You can check out more of Innisfree Farm here!

getting ready

Once I arrived, I immediately started taking detail photos. Detail photos are some of my most enjoyable things to put together, although it does take a certain type of skill to get them justtttt perfect. Regardless, Abby and Alex’s wedding details were next-level beautiful. The morning was spent with Abby and her bridesmaids sipping on some mimosa's, reminiscing about old memories and definitely having a few cry sessions (all happy tears though). 

Abby did want a few of those “steamy” type getting-ready photos of her getting into her dress which I was alllll for. Definitely if you’re looking for some of those sexy and steamy vibes for your getting-ready photos, let me know and we can make it happen!

first look & vows

Abby and Alex decided on having a first look and if you know me… I love first looks. Not only because I think it’s the cutest and sweetest thing EVER but 99.9% of the time I cry. I can’t help it okay! As you can imagine, Alex’s reaction to Abby in her wedding dress was just as expected. Completely and utterly amazed at her beauty and admiring every inch of her. 

Another reason why I love first-look moments is because it gives you and your partner a bit of privacy and intimacy. Especially when it comes to reading your wedding vows. However, for Abby and Alex, they wanted to move things outside for the reading of their personal vows. Located on Pulman Farms, there is a beautiful vineyard. A perfectly placed blanket and some mid-day sun led to Abby and Alex sitting in front of the vineyard exchanging vows. This cute moment definitely felt like one out of a Nicholas Sparks book.


At Pulman Farms, to pair with the vineyard they also have a wine cellar. This is was one of the many places that Abby really wanted her portraits done. Being me, I was a bit worried at how dark it was going to be in there. I mean we are going into a deep cellar of course, but I was prepared for just about anything. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw two windows streaming in a bit of light. This wine cellar turned into the perfect portrait location and really gave off those beautiful dark and moody photos that we were going for. This just goes to show that even in a dark wine cellar you can make anything work.

After the couple's portraits, we brought out the wedding party for formal photos! I just absolutely loved the mismatched bridesmaids' dresses and the purple and pink tones that brought to their neutral color palette. It was the perfect pop of color for their wedding day. A surprise appearance, Abby and Alex’s dog Arlo came to visit in his perfectly placed tux and harness.

Ceremony & Reception

Despite us being hit with that midday sun, we were able to have such a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. Celebrating Abby and Alex underneath this beautiful branched arch was the perfect way to celebrate them and this next step in their journey together.

The reception is where things really got switched up though. Typically during a wedding reception, the wedding party will walk out first and then the bride and groom. However, that’s not what happened here. Abby and Alex instead, wanted to walk out first with the wedding party after. What came to a surprise was that Abby and Alex wanted to announce the wedding party coming in. Almost like a gameshow, it was PERFECT.

Speeches were announced and Abby and Alex had their first dance as husband and wife. Cue the tears now PLEASE. Together they danced under the twinkling lights of the chandeliers that hung above them. It wasn't long until the dance floor opened up and it was all fair game. Moves were being busted left and right and it sure proved that these wedding guests knew how to have a good time. To end the night, Abby and Alex performed a lantern "exit" with their guests. Each person lit a lantern and released it into the sky and it was pure magic. Giving me very much a Rapunzel moment, anyone else?

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Photography: Photos by Gayle

Hair: Alder Studio

Florist: Viavi Flower Farm

Videographer: The Smiths

Caterer: CK Catering

DJ: Chris Palumbo

Dress: Dearly Loved Bridal