fisayo & tobi

This is a story of two people who, after many years, found their way back to each other and had the most EPIC wedding ever.

A little back story, Fisayo and Tobi were born and raised in Nigeria and went to high school together, although they didn't really talk back then. Since then, they have both moved all around the world. Tobi eventually moved to Europe and was living there with her best friend who just so happened to be Fisayo's cousin! Fisayo had gone to visit his cousin one year in Europe and him and Tobi met once again. It was this time though, that a spark ignited and the rest was history. Since then, Fisayo & Tobi have lived in multiple other countries together and apart and ultimately came together to have their wedding with their families in Michigan.

Fisayo & Tobi had their wedding at Stony Creek Metro Park in Shelby Township, Michigan and it couldn't have been more perfect. I seriously felt like half of this day I was tearing up behind the camera because of how beautiful everything turned out. They were filled with so much happiness and love having their family and friends joined together to celebrate.

After the ceremony, we ventured off to Shelby Gardens where they had their reception. Fisayo & Tobi's love is seriously unmatched and you could literally FEEL the love in the air. Fisayo & Tobi had a Nigerian wedding and I did not realize all of the traditions that came with having a Nigerian wedding until this very day! Their families were dressed in traditional Nigerian wedding attire and it was like something I have never seen before - it seriously was so beautiful.

Before Tobi had her grand entrance at the reception, they did a grand entrance for each set of parents. With each set of parents they had family and friends join them in dancing to their seat at the reception. Each entrance of the parents took about 5 minutes because everybody was so involved in the moment and dancing, it was such a blast! Maybe 10-15 minutes later, the bride and groom finally entered and friends and family danced around them as they slowly made their way to their seats.

Part of their wedding also consisted of friends and family partaking in money spraying. Money spraying symbolizes a showering of happiness, good fortune, and a display of the guest's affection for the couple. They had traditional Nigerian music playing and everyone was just dancing and having such a good time. The day was filled with so much dancing, laughter, love and tradition - this wedding was seriously my happy place.

From the moment that Fisayo & Tobi contacted me and we first chatted, I knew that it was meant to be. I could not have been more excited to capture their wedding and it was one of the most unforgettable wedding I have ever been to. Afterwards, I was kind of bummed to leave because I did not want the night to end (if I'm being honest). Nonetheless, Fisayo & Tobi were made for each other and I am so honored to have captured their special day.

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