Jake & Shauna

Jake and Shauna are the type of couple that love just radiates between them. Their connection is so strong that it just floods any room that they walk into. You may actually recognize Jake and Shauna from their engagement session a while back. You can check that out right here! Now, something that Jake and Shauna did that was different than most weddings is they actually split their wedding into two parts. The first portion was their ceremony day and in October they will be having a reception day celebrating with more friends and family. A good idea if you are someone who wants to extend the party and also make sure that you have all your friends and family able to attend your reception!

Getting ready

So we started off the day by meeting up at Jake and Shauna's home in Waterford, Michigan. This is where Jake and his groomsmen were getting ready. While it was a short time that I was there, I was able to get a few getting-ready shots and of course some candids of their adorable pup, Chip. Shortly after, I drove on over to Clarkston where Shauna was getting ready. This was her family home and ended up being a very sentimental location for her to get ready in. Definitely, a full circle moment if I've ever seen one! Shauna had this very beautiful dress with a detachable overskirt and train along with a cathedral-style veil. If you're imagining the drama and the beauty, it was all there. Underneath all that drama were her sneakers that were tucked away. Incredibly practical and made it a bit more laid-back and casual!

first look

After everyone was getting ready, it was time for us to bring Jake and Shauna together for their first look. Now you know how much I rave about first looks, right? They are sweet, emotional, and overall just a great time for you and your partner to have some alone time on your wedding day. For Jake and Shauna's first look, they had done it at their ceremony location. A first look is also the perfect moment to exchange personally written vows to one another which Jake and Shauna did.


Originally, Shauna and Jake had wanted to elope in Montana. Well, due to the global pandemic back in 2020, those plans quickly took a turn. Other plans they had made for their wedding also ended up not working out, so when in doubt it was time to break out Plan C! Shauna and Jake had bought property in Clarkston for their future home, so they decided to have their intimate ceremony there. Kind of the perfect kick-off to their forever home, don't you think? This was also the location where they did their first look that I mentioned above. Shauna's dad and stepdad both walked her down the aisle as she and Jake locked eyes. Jake and Shauna said their vows underneath a pretty cloudy day, however, this is the best lighting for portraits imo. So it ended up working out perfectly. Also fun fact, the ceremony arch was hand built by them for their wedding day which I thought was just a sweet touch added.

After the ceremony, all of the wedding guests joined Jake and Shauna as they did a champagne toast and enjoyed a few appetizers before heading back to Shauna's family home for a BBQ. Jake and Shauna's ceremony day was an absolute blast and I am beyond honored they allowed me to come to their forever home property to document this special moment


So something unique that Jake and Shauna did was that they decided to have their wedding reception months after their wedding ceremony. The reason being, they wanted their ceremony to be a bit more intentional and intimate. While their reception is wild and fun surrounded by everyone who means the most to them. So fast forward a few months later and we're finally getting to capture Jake and Shauna's wedding reception - woohoo!!

Jake and Shauna had their wedding reception at The Garden Theater. The Garden Theater is also where Katherine and Patrick got married as well! Once I arrived, I took a few detail photos before guests began trickling in. Jake and Shauna wanted to be the ones who greeted every single guest, so they stayed in the lobby of the Garden Theater as their guests began arriving. As soon as everyone arrived, their cocktail hour had officially begun. A video from their wedding ceremony from months prior began playing, allowing all of their guests to witness those special moments. I thought this was such a cute and intimate touch for them to add!

Shortly after, Jake and Shauna made their grand entrance while dancing to "Welcome 2 Detroit" by Eminem. Yes, we could say things got pretty lit at this point. Jake and Shauna also really wanted to do a table dash to AC/DC's "Thunderstruck". If you don't know, a table dash is essentially where the bride and groom go to every table and take pictures with all of their guests. Surprisingly, Jake and Shauna were very efficient and were able to complete the entire table dash in one song!

Jake and Shauna definitely showcased their personalities during their reception. At one point, Jake dedicated a song, "Lucky" by Britney Spears to Shauna. While this was completely unexpected, it's one of those things that truly made this night stand out in the best way possible. To end the night, Jake and Shauna were bombarded with a love bomb mosh pit by all their guests, which as you could imagine was the perfect ending to their wedding reception.

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Photography: Photos by Gayle

Videographer: Kadence Films

Makeup: Hazel

Hair: Two ladies from the Belezza Salon in Clarkston

DJ/Band: SBS DJ services

Cake/Desserts: Two Unique

Dress: Beckers Bridal

Tux: Men's Warehouse

Invitations: The Knot