Mary & Tommy

Mary and Tommy really bring out my passion for my job. From the moment that I first photographed them, during their fun and cozy in-home engagement session, I was completely obsessed with their love. Ever since their engagement session, I have been counting down the days to their wedding day. The wedding day finally came and I just couldn't wait for all of the beautiful magic we were going to make!

For those of you who don't know, my hubby, Joe, second shoots a lot of weddings with me. My right wing-man and my go-to hype person, he has a true talent for photography which is why I am so thankful that we get to spend this time capturing love stories together :)

getting ready

We started off the day at Mary's childhood home in Macomb, Michigan. Mary and her bridesmaids were all wearing matching robes which I think just looked absolutely stunning. A little back story on Mary and Tommy. They have known each other for what seems like forever. Ever since high school, they have been together. Continued to learn and grow with each other and have let their relationship flourish. One day, long ago, Mary came up with the idea to create a journal dedicated to Tommy. A love book, so to say. In this book were love notes to Tommy specifically made for him to read on their wedding day. With the anticipation of their wedding day, Mary continued to write to Tommy without Tommy ever guessing this was what she was doing. It was on the wedding day that Mary would finally gift this book to Tommy, a book filled with her entire heart. Labeled on the front of this book is "my hero", something she waited to call Tommy until the day of their wedding. There was so much intentionality put into this book, the wedding day and the love between them, it makes my heart hurt (with pure joy of course). Knowing these details, this tiny secret kept from Tommy, I couldn't wait to see his reaction.

Once Mary slipped into her gorgeous dress, put the final touches on her hair & makeup, it was time to gather up our troops and start heading out. We were able to stop by where Tommy and his groomsmen were getting ready to take a few photos of them, before making our way to the church for their ceremony.

*the* blind look

As we arrived at the church, wedding guests began filing in. However, since Mary and Tommy opted out of a first look they did still want to do a blind look. A blind look is essentially being in the same space, but without looking at each other. Most of the time you are faced back to back. While it wasn't the largest of church spaces, we were able to make it work and find a spot for Mary and Tommy to do their blind look before the ceremony. They exchanged love letters and it was here that Mary gave Tommy her love book, the moment we all waited for.

church wedding ceremony

After their blind look, Mary and Tommy had a beautiful church wedding ceremony at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. It was a traditional Catholic mass and it was absolutely perfect. They were surrounded by all of their closest friends and family and these moments always have me tearing up a bit.

wedding portraits at mcdonalds

One thing that was super important for Mary and Tommy was to stop at McDonalds on their wedding day. When I heard this, immediately I said Y-E-S. Casually we headed to the closest McDonalds, got some fries and started taking photos in and around this McDonalds. For all of you couples in the middle of planning your wedding, use this as proof that you don't need to go somewhere fancy for your wedding portraits. Get creative and step outside of the box because I absolutely loved how these portraits turned out!

After our McDonalds trip, we made our way to the reception venue to finish taking portraits with the rest of their wedding party!


Mary and Tommy had their reception at The Barn on The Ridge at New Lothrop, Michigan. Throughout these photos you may notice that it seems a bit cloudy and gray outside, that's because it was. The day was pretty much pushing off the inevitable downpour that we were met with just moments later. However, that didn't stop us from stealing away Mary and Tommy after dinner for a few more portraits. Keep in mind that after a rainstorm there is always a rainbow. While we didn't get a rainbow, I witnessed probably one of the most beautiful sunsets/golden hour moments in my entire life. I'm not even being dramatic! I bothered Mary and Tommy one more time to head outside to take just a few more portraits and I'm so happy that I did. I mean LOOK AT THAT GOLDEN HOUR.

After these were officially done, the party officially began. The dance floor was opened and we had such a blast watching all of the heartfelt moments between Mary, Tommy, their parents, family, and friends. Lots of tears were shed, but all happy ones. Also, we have to give a huge shoutout to the DJ who not only was stellar at Mary and Tommy's wedding but was actually the DJ for Mary's parent's wedding! What a beautiful full-circle moment.

Forever inspired by capturing such beautiful love stories and I'm wishing Mary & Tommy nothing but the happiest of futures :)

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