Crested Butte Colorado Couples Photos on Meridian Lake

Since becoming a full-time Utah Wedding Photographer, I've had so many amazing opportunity to meet so many talented creatives. One of these creatives, happened to be Phil whom this blog is all about. I originally met Phil several years back second shooting a Michigan wedding. At the time, Phil happened to be there as a Michigan videographer! We met and instantly clicked and we learned very quickly that we worked well together. It wasn't until recently where I would fly out to Colorado to document Mikenzie and Kelly's vow renewal (view that here), where we would once again meet! Phil would be the videographer for the vow renewal since him and his wife, Ellie, just moved to Denver, Colorado not that long ago. Meeting both of them I just knew that I had to get them in front of my camera, thus their Meridian Lake Crested Butte Colorado Couples Photos were created.

Phil & Ellie's meridian lake crested butte colorado couples photos

Phil and Ellie are the ultimate husband and wife duo. It was on the day of Mikenzie and Kelly's vow renewal that I asked Phil and his wife, Ellie to do a quick couples photoshoot with me afterward. Although they had made the 4 hour drive to Crested Butte, Colorado they happily agreed to go on this quick little adventure with me. Along came their ADORABLE pup, Benson, where he was just as camera ready as they were! Now, for this vow renewal I had done quite the bit of location scouting so I was ready and prepared with so many different locations for us to shoot together. I was so excited to get started, you have no idea.

First, we were able to grab a quick bite to eat and head on our way to Meridian Lake where we would run around, hike a bit and just take some beautiful photos. In total, this specific trail that we went on was about 4 miles roundtrip, which wasn't terrible. Ellie and Phil were both wearing very comfortable and cute clothing options, which is what originally drew me to being able to take these couples photos for them. These two were absolute naturals in front of the camera, seeing that Phil is no stranger to being in front of or behind the camera. We spent this time at Meridian Lake soaking up all of the greenery and plethora of wildflowers surrounding us. As always as a reminder, when on nature trails such as this one, please be respectful of your surroundings. Keep trash in a designated trash bag and please try to stay on the designated paths that are already made to preserve the natural beauty of Mother Nature.

While these Meridian Lake Crested Butte Colorado Couples Photos was a short lived moment, the photos will forever remain engrained in my memory as the time where I got to meet old friends and make new ones.

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