Shauna & Jake

Shauna and Jake both attended Oakland University, which is actually where I attended too! Cue It's a Small World After All - lol. Jake played baseball and Shauna played softball and the stars aligned to them finally meeting. They are now engaged and wanted to take it back to where it all started. I love it when my couples want to incorporate special moments/places that mean something to their love story. It just makes it that much more sweet, romantic and personal.

oakland university

On the property of Oakland University, there is a really well known mansion called Meadowbrook Hall. Meadowbrook Hall/Mansion is a historic home that was built by Matilda Dodge Wilson, widow of John Dodge... yes like Dodge the cars. Now it is a sought after location for weddings, events and of course... Shauna & Jake's engagement photos. Be aware though that in order to take photos though, you do need to pay a fee. To read more about that, click here!

meadowbrook mansion winter engagement

I met up with Shauna and Jake at Oakland University along with their insanely adorable pup, Chip. We took some photos in front of Meadowbrook Hall before heading over to a small bridge located on the property. To be honest, Chip was trying to be in the spotlight a majority of the session but I wasn't mad about it. We pretty much walked around the entire mansion and just were relaxing and having a good time.

Prior to going to a session with my couple, I always make sure to open up communication for them to express and questions or concerns. Shauna had mentioned to me that Jake wasn't a big photo person and to keep that in mind during their session. I was ready for the challenge and come to find out, Jake had an enjoyable time! Which honestly is what I am here for. I want all of my couples to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera so I felt pretty accomplished in that moment - ngl.

Towards the end of their engagement session, I was able to find these two golden bushes. JUST TWO! We were surrounded by buildings but you never would have guessed because of how up close & personal I got. Hey - it happens sometimes! It truly took them into a whole other world and it shows the power of good angles, lighting and a bit of finessing with my camera. I was so incredibly happy to be back to a place which held so many memories not only for me, but for Shauna and Jake as well. I can't wait until later this year when I get to photograph their intimate wedding! Cheers to Shauna & Jake!

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