Andrew & MAddy

Andrew is actually my little brother and has been dating Maddy for a little while now and are the absolute sweetest together! They both love fashion, especially Andrew with his tennis shoe collection and both just compliment each other so well. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted this shoot to be like, but knew that I wanted something different and on the casual side. As per usual, Andrew & Maddy were able to put something together and they looked AMAZING!

For this casual shoot, we decided that the R7 Laundromat in Pontiac, Michigan would be the perfect location! They had decided to wear some laidback jeans, simple white tops and matching Nike Air Force 1's. Now Andrew has not been one to get his photo taken, so it took a bit of convincing. After doing a little bit of back and forth he finally agreed and I was just beyond thrilled.

It's my favorite when towards the end of the sessions, the people who were the most weary of taking photos are the ones who say "wow, was that it?". I'm telling you though, time does fly when you’re having fun! At the end of the shoot Andrew was much more comfortable in front of the camera and dare I say... enjoyed it?? So many couples come into sessions feeling nervous to be in front of the camera but soon realize that it's all about you and your partner, hanging out and just having fun.

At the end of the day, we were able to capture some amazing shots and just have a good bonding experience with Andrew, Maddy and I. I love when I am able to step outside the box, experiment with my creativity and have fun all at the same time and is one of the many reasons why I love my job. All thanks to couples like Andrew and Maddy who are patient during sessions and are willing to try new things with me to get the fun shots!

Photos By Gayle does more than just take photos of people. Rather, it is capturing moments of LOVE and HAPPINESS. Singing to the skies, dancing in a field, smiles that hurt because they’re so big. There is nothing else I would rather be doing than photographing these unique details that make you and your significant other a couple. If Andrew & Maddy's photoshoot puts a spark in you, you know where to click <——— right there!