Las Vegas Desert Engagement

You know that saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”? Well that does not apply here because I am spilling the beans on this gorgeous Las Vegas Desert Engagement and let me say… it was absolutely epic. 

When you first think of Las Vegas, what do you think of? Casinos, malls and the city that never sleeps. What often ends up happening is that we forget that Vegas is more than just the exciting lights and activities. The nature, desert and mountains in Las Vegas is completely overlooked and need to have a shining spotlight on them right now. 

For this beautiful Vegas desert engagement, the beautiful couple looked like they walked out of a magazine. Not only did they have such a great connection but they were no strangers to being in front of the camera. In fact, they thrived! Of course being that it was Nevada it was quite warm in the desert but nothing we weren’t prepared for. Surprise surprise though, you thought that was all? Nope! For the second portion of this beautiful engagement, we brought out this trusty rental car. It added a bit more pizazz and is definitely different from typical engagement photos. No matter what, I always tell my couples to stick to their gut and do what they want to do for their photos. If you want to do something out of the box, I say when is it. Your photos are about you and celebrating your love story. Don’t hold back based on other outside opinions and remember that this day is all about you! 

Las Vegas is so much more than just bright lights and strip malls. It offers so much more beauty than just what you “typically” think of Vegas. One of my favorite parts about the city is that you can start off doing some fun activities and soaking up all the hustle & bustle of the city that never sleeps. Then if you’re wanting to switch things up, all you have to do is head outside the city to see the overlooked beauty of Nevada’s nature and deserts.

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