Liz & Pete

From the very first moment that Liz & Pete inquired with me I was just SO excited. I mean it's not all of the time that couples will put in so much detail and excitement in their emails. Liz was so thorough when it came to answering my questions and her visions were so passionate and in depth. I loved everything about their vibe and how excited they were to work with me and I couldn't have been more ecstatic.

Their engagement session was just as perfect as it looks. The way that they looked at each other and feeling the love in the air was out of this world. We first took some photos in their home with their incredibly adorable pup, Eleanor. I love in-home photos solely for the reason that we are able to be a little bit more laid-back and casual and show a bit more life behind my couples.

Next, we made our way over to Lake St. Claire Metropark in Harrison Township, Michigan. They mentioned that they wanted to do something in their car at the park and that's exactly what we did. We made sure to grab some of their favorite snacks to share and we started shooting while they sat in the back of their car laughing and having a good time. At the beginning of sessions, I will ask my couples which style of photo they enjoy. Sometimes I will shoot more vintage looking photos and others not so much and Liz responded saying she loved everything that I do (brb crying). That being said, at the beginning of the session really made me feel so comfortable and happy that they trusted me and my own vision when it came to their photos. I feel like it made the session go by so smoothly just because it felt like no matter what photos I took, they would be happy with the outcome.

Liz and Pete were so amazing and down to earth and I couldn't have asked for a better couple to photograph for their engagement session. They were so open and trusting with my work and the end result came out so breathtakingly beautiful, if I do say so myself LOL!

Photos By Gayle does more than just take photos of people. Rather, it is capturing moments of LOVE and HAPPINESS. Singing to the skies, dancing in a field, smiles that hurt because they’re so big. There is nothing else I would rather be doing than photographing these unique details that make you and your significant other a couple. If Liz & Pete's photoshoot puts a spark in you, you know where to click <——— right there!

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