Kaylee & Corey

Kaylee and Corey wanted their engagement session to embody their fun, lively and young personalities. They love being goofy with each other and were down for just about anything, as long as they were spending time with each other. My favorite thing to do during engagement sessions is being able to explore Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, and get creative and that's exactly what we did for this Ken Sanders Rare Books Salt Lake City Utah Engagement.

The Proposal | Kaylee & Corey

Kaylee and Corey have been together since they were both 15 years old. Ever since their first date at the movies, these two were absolutely inseparable. They love being together and learning and growing with each other which makes this relationship even cuter. As for the dying question, you're probably all wondering "how did he propose"? It was the day before Halloween and Corey and Kaylee were carving pumpkins with his family. While carving pumpkins, his family was out in the front yard setting up flowers, photos of the happy couple, and a couch for the big surprise. As soon as Corey asked Kaylee to step outside, she almost immediately knew what was about to happen. They stepped outside and as soon as Kaylee saw this setup she turns around to see Corey waiting on one knee for her. It was here that he asked her to marry him... and she said yes.

Ken Sanders Rare Books salt lake city utah engagement

To start off Kaylee and Corey's engagement session, we headed to Ken Sanders Rare Books here in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Ken Sanders Rare Books is a full-service antiquarian bookshop and has been since 1997. Here you can find a slew of rare and collectible books, new books and to-die-for reads for just about anybody. I love being able to use fun and unique locations like this bookstore for sessions. It creates so much depth and is incredibly eye-catching and different which not only I love, but my couples as well. Shortly after, we began wandering throughout Downtown Salt Lake City looking for our next adventure. For those of you who know me, I am obsessed with rooftop garages. Hence my many blog posts about them. Check out another one here! They give some of the best views of the city and are just so open and my couples love them! Well, it seemed to be very difficult for us to find a rooftop garage available for us with all the views of Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. So naturally, with all of us being pretty go-with-the-flow, we wandered through several parking garages trying to find the perfect one. It took some trial and error but eventually, we were able to find a parking garage with some stunning city views behind us. It was so much fun to just be goofy, creative and get some different photos than what I normally do. Honestly, I had no idea what would turn of this session but I am beyond excited with how these turned out. Kaylee and Corey were natural with each other with translated so well on camera and I am completely and whole-heartedly obsessed!

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