yazmine & Tyler

There are some couples who are just naturals in front of the camera and Yazmine & Tyler are one of those couples. Yazmine, Tyler and I ventured off into downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan for their engagement photos and it couldn't have been more perfect. From the beautiful parks and pine trees to candlelight restaurants to smoking cigars underneath the stars, a beautiful adventure for a beautiful love story.

Yazmine & Tyler's engagement session was in the heart of Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan and we seriously had such a blast! First, we headed over to the park and immediately as I whipped out my camera I barely had to tell Yazmine & Tyler what to do because their love really took control. They would constantly be moving and going in for kisses and playing with each others hair. They were such an absolute dream to photograph and they really didn't mind experimenting and trying new things during their shoot.

After taking photos in the park surrounded by the beautiful pine trees, we headed over to one of Yazmine & Tyler's favorite restaurants in Kalamazoo, Principle Food & Drink. We took some stunning photos of them holding hands on a candlelit dinner table and they just looked SO happy and in love. We also made sure to stop by the Kalamazoo State Theatre to get some popcorn. Prior to the pandemic that was one Yazmine & Tyler's their favorite things to do with each other was going to the movies. Once the sky got darker, we stopped by a cigar shop to take some fun photos with the smoke and they were EPIC!!!

Out of everything though, my favorite part of their love story is that they both share a love for their favorite video game, League of Legends along with their friend group. Yazmine & Tyler even have matching tattoos of the symbol from the game, now that's dedication! I can totally relate though because when I asked her about where her tattoo is from, Yazmine was so surprised I knew what she was talking about! Apparently it's not the most popular game, but coincidently is the only one that my husband will play!

At the end of the session, I realized that I had taken over 2000 photos! I seriously could not be stopped and I had such an amazing time with Yazmine and Tyler in Kalamazoo. This was one of my favorite sessions to date because they were just so natural and we didn't really have to focus on posing. It was more so about the love for each other and how natural being in love for them was, the rest just happened!

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