Brianna & David

While Michigan will always have a special place in my heart, the feeling that I get when I hop onto a plane to my next destination will forever be unmatched. For today’s adventure I am heading all the way to the sunny state of California. More specifically to the desert at Joshua Tree National Park for a beautiful desert elopement with Brianna and David. Now if you’re looking to elope in Joshua Tree National Park, there are quite a few tips & tricks you need to learn. Don’t worry though, I wrote a blog all about how to elope in Joshua Tree National Park, just click here! Maybe you’re not getting married and you’re just looking for some pretty pictures? Well you’ve come to the right place! Keep scrolling to see more of this beautiful Joshua Tree National Park Elopement. 

intimate elopement at joshua tree

Joshua Tree National Park has its own unique beauty and it’s no wonder it’s a destination spot for many people. The beauty and nature that you are surrounded by is completely unique and makes for the perfect location for an elopement. Brianna and David, the beautiful couple, drove all the way to Joshua Tree with their truck and their camper which they occasionally live in. For this elopement, Brianna and David really wanted to keep the vibes very casual, laid-back and kind of retro. They brought along props such as some coke bottles and cigarettes to kind of fit the feel that we were going for.

As soon as David and Brianna stepped out in their wedding attire, my jaw dropped. Brianna was wearing this beautiful lace dress while David kept things a bit edgier. The jacket that you see Brianna wearing is one that I actually brought along! Thanks to The Borrow and Blue Project (no longer in business), it gave brides an opportunity to rent a jacket for their wedding day. You then shipped it back to them once you were done using it. It was seriously one of my favorite rental services and although they are no longer in business, it makes me cherish these images even more.

If you don't know, Joshua Tree National Park is quite large. I mean it is a national park after all! So we were able to have a ton of space to work with. We ran throughout the desert finding every tree, rock and cactus we could get close to.

in-home elopement photos

After feeling like we were getting toasted by the sun long enough, we made our way to our next destination. We had actually rented out an Airbnb located in Joshua Tree, California so we continued our elopement party there! With permission from our Airbnb host, we were able to take some of my most favorite photos throughout this entire elopement. The color of the walls, the interior decor of the space and just how amazing Brianna and David were made this day just that much better. We were able to cool off in the shade of the Airbnb, hang out and get to know each other and know that we got some of the most beautiful photos from their elopement.

Looking back at these elopement photos, I just can't help but think about how grateful I am to be able to do this everyday. My job of capturing special moments like this will never get old and I wouldn't change it for the world!

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