Brianna & David

You may recognize Brianna and David from a blog that I recently posted not too far back. If you haven’t yet had a chance to read that, click here! So I don’t know if you’re getting tired of reading about Joshua Tree National Park, but I’m not and that’s what matters. No but in all seriousness, I was able to capture some of my favorite work here at Joshua Tree and it would be a crime not to share it! I met Brianna and David for the first time during this shoot and they were the most down-to-earth, go with the flow type couple. Upon initially meeting, we greeted each other and quickly started on this Joshua Tree Blue Hour Engagement session. Despite the sun being gone, that didn’t stop us from getting some of the most epic pics. 

So like I mentioned, this beautiful engagement session is located in Joshua Tree National Park in California. If you’re wanting to have a session or get married at Joshua Tree National Park, I actually blogged all about some tips & different locations for you to check out! To read all about that, you can click here! We chose this location because it was a destination location not only for Brianna and David, but for me as well. So essentially it was a win-win for us - woohoo!

Now if you don’t know about blue hour, you are for sure missing out. While I can go on and on about how it is so underrated and how more people should use blue hour to their advantage, I would much rather you check out this blog here! In this blog I deep dive into blue hour and why it can be so powerful when it comes to setting the scene and creating more moody type images. One thing you should know however about blue hour is that you only have a very short window before it gets pitch black outside, so move fast! 

In all honesty, this session was done in about 20 minutes which ended up being the perfect amount of time to get some of the most beautiful blue hour photos. Towards the end of their session blue hour was practically over and we had another shoot set bright and early the next morning. Despite being in a time crunch to get some of these beautiful shots, it was 100% completely worth it. But if you were to ask me if I were to do it again, my answer was and will always be… yes.

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