Roxane & Ben

One of the best things about being a Utah Wedding Photographer is that I get to see so many different and unique love stories. These love stories that so many couples trust me in sharing and I will never and can never take that for granted. One of these love stories is Roxane and Ben's. From the moment they inquired and we spoke for the first time, I knew that their love was special. This Jordan Pines Campground Engagement in Salt Lake City, Utah was absolutely breathtaking. Despite us freezing our butts off, we were able to have a winter wonderland engagement session for these two and I am completely obsessed with how these photos turned out.

Roxane & Ben's Love Story

Before any engagement session or photo shoot with my couples, I always send out a questionnaire to have a better idea of who my couples are and their love story. For Roxane and Ben, it was evident that they both enjoy just spending time with each other. They could be doing just about anything and having a blast, which are the kinds of love stories that touch my heart. Roxane and Ben love being able to sleep in on Sunday mornings, cuddle and watch movies and soak in as much quality time as possible. They are very go-with-the-flow and love having fun with each other, so it was important that for their engagement session, we embody this completely.

Jordan Pines Campground | Salt Lake City, Utah

For Roxane and Ben's engagement session, we headed to Jordan Pines Campground which is located in the Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah. This beautiful campground is wide open and beautiful. On this day, snow was blanketing the ground and trees which really helped for that winter wonderland look that we were going for. Now, currently, Jordan Pines Campground is closed to the general public. They currently only accommodate groups, which requires a reservation as well as the purchase of a campground day pass. For a one-day use pass, you are looking at a cost of $150 for up to 50 people. You will also need to make sure that you are making your reservation at least 5 days in advance. While this fee may be a bit costly, you have access to Jordan Pines Campground and don't have to worry about any scouts coming and looking for you.

Jordan Pines Campground Engagement In Salt Lake City, Utah

It was important for Roxane and Ben that we keep things very fun, light-hearted, and causal for their engagement photos. Despite Roxane expressing her distaste for cold weather and snow, it was her dream to have her engagement photos in the middle of the snow. Once we arrived we were able to wander through Jordan Pines Campground and admire the beautiful scenery surrounding us. Roxane and Ben were also able to bring along their dog, Daisy, for some of their engagement photos as well. Keep in mind that Jordan Pines Campground does not permit dogs. However, since Daisy is a service dog, this was the exception. Roxane and Ben even brought along a blanket so that we could do a few poses sitting in the snow without having to worry about their butts getting wet. Now that's what we like to call preparation! It was a fun and beautiful day celebrating Roxane and Ben's love and this next chapter in their lives together.

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