amber & dillon

Okay, okay... hear me out. A backyard farm style intimate wedding with... get this... HORSES! I know this sounds too good to be true but for Amber & Dillon, THIS was their big day and it was absolutely PERFECT!

Amber & Dillon had their intimate backyard wedding at Dillon's childhood home in Ortonville, Michigan. It was a warm day and it was filled with nothing but smiles, love and laughter. Everything was absolutely perfect for their wedding. Amber & Dillon decided to have a first touch, which is something that couples do if they don't want to do a first look and prefer to wait for the ceremony. They still wanted to have that alone time to talk to each other and just be present before walking down the aisle, so the first touch was the best choice . I definitely would recommend having this alone time on your special day. It's a great way to have that intimate moment with your partner and make sure that you have a few private moments throughout your wedding day.

Throughout this whole day, I was OBVIOUSLY crying. I mean look at how they look at each other? For their ceremony, Amber & Dillon actually made their arch from sticks that they found on their favorite beach. The sand in the ceremony is also from their favorite beach, which made it all the more special. Incorporating personal touches into your wedding ceremony really makes it all the more special. Incorporating small details in your wedding like memorabilia or photos of you & your partners experiences together make your big day all the more intimate.

The best part was instead of confetti (which is impossible to clean, might I add), sparklers, or bubbles, Amber & Dillon decided to have the guests throw... LAVENDER! They had guests throw the lavender in the air while surrounding them. No need for clean up because it is natural and it looked so magical. Plus, the lavender smelled SO good!

At the end of the day, Amber & Dillon looked amazing and their wedding couldn't have been more perfect. From Amber's insanely stunning wedding dress to the incredibly beautiful ceremony to taking photos with horses and throwing lavender, this truly was an epic and unforgettable wedding.

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