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When Tereza and Joe first reached out to me, they expressed that they really wanted to do an in-home session. They had just gotten engaged at Cranbrook Gardens and were ready to document this next chapter in their life. Now if you know me you know that in-home sessions and me are like PB&J, we just go together SO well! I actually have blogged quite a few of my favorite in-home sessions. Click here to read some more! Originally we had planned to meet up at this insanely beautiful Airbnb that Tereza and Joe had rented out. It’s a location that I have been wanting to shoot at FOREVER and was incredibly excited when they said that’s where the in-home session would be. Around 2 days before their session, Tereza and Joe expressed their concerns about the location and instead had a different plan in mind! This took me completely by surprise but in the best way possible. Instead of heading over to Airbnb, we decided to have their in-home session in Tereza’s family home. As soon as I entered the home my jaw dropped at how much beautiful light was throughout it. It was the perfect place for these in-home photos and it was just so stunning. So surprisingly this little twist in plans turned out to be the best thing we could have done. 

intimate utah engagement photos

We first started off in the kitchen, where we were greeted by Tereza’s family pet, Lulu. It is only natural to have your pets cameo in our sessions so don’t worry. I give them enough time to shine too - LOL. The reason that I love in-home sessions so much is because of how intimate it can be. You are in a place that already means so much to you and it holds so much value in your life. You’re then able to look back at these moments and remember all of the memories that you had and that is something that is irreplaceable. For the most part, I try to guide my couples as much as possible when it comes to posing, especially in unconventional locations like your kitchen lol. I essentially want my couples to feel like I’m not even there… in the best way possible of course lol. Throughout the time I was shooting Tereza and Joe, I couldn’t help but admire Tereza’s ring. Nowadays I get to see so many different and cool designs for engagement rings and Tereza’s was no different. It was so unique and beautifully cut and I may or may not have snuck a double take every once in a while. 

After finishing up in the kitchen, we made our way to the dining room to pour ourselves some drinks and switch up the vibes a little bit. Tereza and Joe love the more vintagey type photos that I take sometimes, so I took my “sock filter” over my lens to create those vintage type look photos that we all love so much. Shortly after Tereza did a quick outfit change into this super pretty flowy attire, which instantly reminded me of what a princess would wear lounging around her home - LOL. We took a few photos in that before deciding it didn't really fit the vibes that we were going for. Totally fine though because we did our third and FINAL outfit change into a jean jumpsuit! It was absolutely PERFECT and although something unique and different it made just enough of a statement. Before ending their session, we took a few of their engagement photos in the den of Tereza's family home. Although it was a bit darker than the rest of the home it gave us some slight moodier vibes which I'm obviously not mad at. You know how they say a picture is worth 1,000 words? With the amount of photos I ended up choosing, this Intimate Utah Engagement session is worth a billion. Lol, photography humor anyone?

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