andrew & lauren

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and with this small & intimate wedding that is EXACTLY what happened. Andrew & Lauren had originally planned on having this big wedding in 2020 but due to the pandemic, plans had to change and here's how it went.

First, here's a little back story on Andrew & Lauren. They met their first of college at MSU and the rest was history. Andrew has been one of my good friends since high school and I have loved Lauren ever since we first met! They are both engineers and both are kind and oh so goofy, so they were DEFINITELY made for each other.

Since Lauren & Andrew had their wedding plans changed due to the pandemic they had to switch everything around so only their immediate family could be present. It was a tough decision for them to reschedule their big wedding but there was no other option! They decided to have their wedding on their original date on the rooftop of Bea's located in the Eastern Market in Detroit, Michigan and they are planning for their big reception/vow renewal to be in September of 2021.

Although Bea's was a beautiful wedding venue that wasn't always the plan in fact, they had actually just opened in 2020 right before the pandemic hit. Since intimate weddings and elopements were becoming popular, they had changed their space around to become a small wedding venue which turned out perfectly for the Franko's wedding. Bea's only allowed 15 people at the venue (including me!) along with a 2 hour time limit. Throughout that time we were able to have the ceremony, cake cutting, first dance AND cocktail hour. Afterwards, everyone went to a brewery for a few drinks and hungout and it honestly was the best day ever!

Throughout the entire day I was so happy and couldn't stop smiling. It was filled with so much love and thinking about the two of them makes me so happy, they deserve each other!

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