Lexie & Drew

Over the years I have been able to develop some great relationships with many of the people that I’ve photographed. One of those lovely people is Lexie, who I photographed back in 2020. We have kept in touch over the years and really learned a lot about each other, so when she reached out to me to have a couples photoshoot with her boyfriend, Drew, I was beyond excited.

Lexie and Drew have got to be one of the cutest couples ever. When they arrived at their session their outfits & overall vibes were absolute perfection and I was just itching to start photographing. Like I said, over the years I have learned a lot about what type of things Lexi likes and dislikes in her photos so I was able to have a good grasp of what she was looking for. For the first portion of their shoot, Lexie and Drew brought along their “bug blanket” which is a blanket that they made together by the way! Do you think I should ask my husband to make a blanket with me? Hm… debateable. They both chose two different types of fabrics and made the blanket together so it is a very important symbol to their relationship, which I thought was the cutest thing. 

Intimate Fall Rooftop Couples Session

Like I’ve said in previous blogs, I am a big fan of being creative and spontaneous with my couples. I asked if Lexie and Drew wanted to get on my roof and have me bring along some more pillows and blankets and of course they said yes. Don’t worry, it’s much more safe than you could have imagined. Once we got them settled and we started to take photos, I couldn’t help but pick my jaw up from the floor because of how magical these turned out. It seriously looked straight out of a story book and was giving me kind of The Notebook/Walk to Remember vibes without the sad endings. Also, note to anybody who does a photoshoot on their roof: you will get stared at. I was greeted with a few comments from my neighbors asking if we were okay and indeed we were. Anything for the photo, am I right? LOL. 

Towards the end of their session, the sun had already set so we were able to get some really pretty silhouettes of them before ending it for the day. As we said our goodbyes and I headed back inside to edit the photos, I couldn’t help but feel so happy and grateful to be able to meet such amazing couples. Even though this session was super casual and to many of you, may think #basic, it doesn’t really matter. When it comes to sessions, you can do them just about anywhere. As long as you enjoy the company of who you’re shooting with, almost every single time your photos will turn out amazing. Now, I do play a role in that of course but all of these different factors come together to make something great. For that, I am incredibly grateful. 

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