Deana & Drew

Deana and Drew are the perfect example of my kind of love story. Both of them value quality time and overall enjoying each other's company which I love. For their session, they really just wanted to let loose, have fun and take advantage of this quality time together. Since these two work so incredibly hard over the summer months, they wanted to take this work hiatus as a time to reconnect and re-fall in love. They came over to Park City to enjoy the beauty and scenery and have me document this special moment in their lives. While it wasn't necessarily a "special occasion" we sure made it one.

Their love story

First, it's important to understand a little backstory of Deana and Drew. They both met on the infamous Tinder dating app. Ever since their first date, their connection was almost instantaneous. From their shared love for Silence of the Lambs and where conversation moved fluidly, it was as if it were meant to be. They both felt comfortable in each other's presence which was prominent to both of them. It was from there that their connection continue to grow and flourish. They continued to nurture their relationship, like a plant. Filling it with water and watching it grow and flourish slowly. A beautiful relationship that continued to prosper and thrive.

It wasn't until November 2021, that both of their lives would change forever. See, Deana and Drew work at Bryce Canyon National Park. According to Deana and Drew, Drew had originally planned on hiding the engagement ring in their pumpkins for Halloween. Instead of a nice surprise proposal, Deana ended up scooping out the ring and totally missed it, so in came Plan B. A week later, Drew ended up asking Deana if they wanted to go to Bryce Canyon National Park to watch the sunset. In her pajamas, Deana and Drew made their venture to the rim to watch the gorgeous sunset. It was overlooking the sunset and gorgeous views of the National Park that Drew asked the question. Wearing her grinch PJ pants, Deana instantly said yes. It was gorgeous, beautiful, romantic, and everything they could have ever imagined. Despite the first unfortunately failed attempt, Plan B was a major success. The moral of the story... always have a Plan B, my friends.

intimate hotel session in park city, utah

Deana and Drew actually got married in 2022, so in celebration of their work break, they decided to come to Park City, Utah to snowboard and just have a good time. I mean, nothing wrong with that! They ended up booking a room at the Canyons Village at Park City which is a phenomenal 4-star resort here in Park City, Utah. As I mentioned before, we wanted to keep this session really authentic to them, so keeping things very cool and casual. I headed into Park City where I met up with Deana and Drew for their session in their hotel room. We ended up having it be a bit more touchy and intimate for this portion of their session, which I loved! You could just tell how much love these two have for each other and it was pure perfection. We also have to take a moment to appreciate what troopers these two were. In freezing cold Utah weather, barefoot wearing basically nothing but a blanket, these two absolutely killed it! Although I did try to make this part of their session quite speedy so nobody would be getting frostbite on my watch!

Shortly after, Deana slipped into one of Drew's white button-up shirts and we headed inside for the second portion of their shoot. At this point, the sun had basically gone down so the only light we had to work with was a lamp inside their hotel room. While normally, I typically like to shoot with some sort of natural light we were able to make it work and I actually am SO obsessed with how it turned out. Think moody, fun, and pillow fights - lol.

For the final part of their session, Deana and Drew wanted to essentially recreate their wedding night. Or more so the "wedding night after party" if ya know what I mean ;)

Deana ended up bringing an external light that changed colors, which is what we used for this last portion of their session. Wearing an "after the wedding party" dress, Deana and Drew sat on the bed and really kept things very intimate and spicy. This entire session was basically us playing around with different lighting and really getting creative. While as a photographer at first, this makes me nervous, I am down to try anything and surprisingly I fell in love with some of these new techniques. With the change of lighting and the moodiness of the hotel room, it really felt like a movie and vintage-like which I thought was such a cool touch. Deana and Drew brought a small cake to simulate their own wedding cake along with their wedding cutlery with their names engraved in it. It was the perfect way to end the night, enjoying each other's company and overall just having fun getting to know each other and document this part of their love story.

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